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A Curly Girl



There is a girl with a lot of curls,

Not simple, sapiosexual, shy, fuzzy a bit busy,

She is complicated, messy, like her black-brown fuzzy,

I love when she plays with it, a bit pull, twirling, a bit lazy.

She twists and turns it when reading fiction,

Reading delightful poems is her addiction

She works happily with pride,

But do not know why cry in mid-night,

She says she is complicated, emotional like her bunny curl,

But she does not know, she is my pearl,

I wish I could be her lovely book,

Then she could be attached be without hook,

Then we could together smile,

Can walk together virtually some miles,

Together we could feel fear

and can pour the drop of tears,

I will collect words to be a book for my curly girl

This might be made me her black pearl.


©Abhishek Yadav 2015

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I am a free spirit. I am living human because I not only see this entire world but also react, the response on impulses after my own observation and analysis. I write because, I see and all thing which is around me and I reacts on those small and big impulses, desires, ideas, and motivations. there are many stories, many ideas, many thoughts are in my mind, which I share via my blog My philosophy is to share what is I see, what I feel, what I imagine, what I react with people all around me, somewhere out, freelining somewhere far from me, rather than keeping within me.

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