Symphony of worlds in few lines by a Free Spirit…

you dear lady


Whenever in need, you were closer to me,

Presented, even not needed,

In countless forms, infinite relations, uncountable meanings;

You were somewhere around me, imminent to me.



Life couldn’t be nurture without you,

Neither living can go on without you.

When you are with me, I feel complete,

Without you I am hollow, sounds empty.



Proclaiming myself the strong is my obligation,

Allowing me to feel stronger, your gratitude;

I feel rock solid because you show superficial to me.



I am stronger, from you,

I am weak, that too also from you;

I measure; I resemble, I compare all of you,

Independently, solitary, I don’t have existence,

For my own existence, I need your presence.



Words are infinite; emotions are endless, honor towards you endless,

 can’t conclude, just in simple words…

Ladies Without You Men Are Nonexistent




When we don’t talk is this the distance?

When we don’t ask how we are is this the distance?

When we don’t contact our eyes is that is the distance?

When we ignore each other is that is the distance?


Distances are not gap of physical measures,

Distances are not gap in understanding,

Distances are not gap in mutual admiring,

Distances are not gap of judgments,


Distances are when we couldn’t understand each other’s silence

Distances are  when we cant respect our diversity,

Distances when we overlook learning from our mistakes,

Distances are when we don’t  encourage each other,


Distances are not distanced till it only in mind of each other,

Distances are not distanced till we defend each other,

Distances are not distanced till we struggle for each other,

Distances are not distanced till we  motivate each other,


There is distance between the earth and moon,

Still, they are in relationship with  each other, from very long distance,

Yet, they are in harmony, in love, in affection, in a relationship,

Yes because they  are in a true relationship,

In Long distance relationship.


Bird and Fish

She is cozy bird,

 Flying across seas, roaming all over the world

Migrating from season to season,

Following her  endless journey of life,

Yet you, looks  down in ocean of your tears,

 to see glimpses of your love, The fish,


Yes, I am your perplex fish,

Under the water, in another world,

Living in different society, living with different norms,

Far from you, inaccessible, undependable, intangible, freelancer,

 In a parallel universe from you.


Yes, We are bird and fish, different persons, from different worlds,

Can’t live together,  stiff to live without each other.

I just can hug your shadow, you just can kiss my glimpse.

Jeopardized of relationship and magnetism of association.


We are far, yet we close, too hard to describe our relationship.

Yet, still, I can feel warmness from you.

And you are could fulfill quench by me.

Take care of yourself, My bird

Might be we would meet in the alternate world.



When I woke up today, I realised,
My shattered dreams was bleeding o the floor,
My broken expectations were taking last breaths,
My unfilled love was clouding in vein,
 My underachievement was shouting me,
My shortcoming was flaunting on window,
My heart was aching, running wild.
I was numbed, shocked, stationary what to do,
Where to cry, for all these disasters,
whom to blame for  these mishappening,
Where to sprinkle my tears,
Whom to pour my grief,
Where to end my pain.
Then, after a heavy exhale,
I smile and spoke to me,
This is genesis of new beginning,
I will not be settled down, I will not rest,
My this  graveyard would be for my tomorrow,
Dear world, I will rise again.





What are dreams,
Are dreams my subconscious feeling,
Are dreams expressions of unfilled desires,
Are dreams imaginations, of impossible,
Are dreams hallucinations, of my mind,
Are dreams expansion,  of my fantasies.
Accurately, I don’t know what are these dreams
But I love to see them,
I love to feel them,
I love to fulfil them,
I love to visualise them.
It dreams which let me feel to  end of horizon,
It dreams which allows me to do what I can’t thing,
It dreams which persuades me to chase impossible,
It dreams which ignites, my soul and feelings.
Yes, I am a dreamer, I see dreams with open eyes,
I see dreams in day time,
Because of my dreams, I am here,
Where I would reach tomorrow, that would be also my dreams.
 Let me swim, into my dreams,
And chase un-chaseable, see invisible,
Approachable  for unapproachable, conquest invisibly,
  So, now Good night.

Familiar Stranger

Someone, I know far from me, following me,
tracking me, quietly, calmly, without any tracks,
without any hiss, just observing me,
 no words, without breath,
Oh my disengaged one, I know who you are,
my forbidden love, you; who came in my life,
adorned me, best memories of my life,
rejoiced, rejuvenated  and reclaimed my life,
Places stretched between us, by the time,
we separated, departed and walked our miles,
now you feel; we   just meet  as serendipitously,
Just as a trick, one among the million we meet.
Have you ever pondered why we meet,
neither it was  coincidence, nor a random chance,
everything happens, due to a cause, with a reason,
yet, we can’t justify it but we can perceive it.
Anytime, we strive, argue then quiet,
because I understand silence; of yours,
you rejoice my emotions, our chorus,
our misunderstanding, miscommunication
Still, we can’t deny our love for each other,
i love you and would keep loving till eternity,
even though what so ever situation around us,
that is all, I have to say you, my familiar stranger.

Good Morning

Good morning,
It’s new day and new beginning,
Each day is an opportunity, to begin with new,
A fresh start, an opportunity to craft something new,
new construction, for new hope, for rejoice new.
What if the sun carry remorse of yesterday,
What if the moon shower yelling of past,
What if winds carry essence  of forgotten  memories,
What if the water contains the blood of scattered dreams.
Shadow of yesterday, shouldn’t overcome  future,
Grief shouldn’t mingle in dreams of tomorrow,
Let’s make some steps, new inception,
Forgiving each other.
Don’t hesitate, don’t overthink,
Make step, you will find me there,
Where you leave me, carrying smile and hope,
For our shiny tomorrow.

Why Birds are not free

Wings span of birds are big enough, To drag them,
All over sky, every corner of world, anytime,
Each morning, birds fly And comes back to the same tree
On the same branch, in the same tree,
Why they can’t hope, new branch,
Choose new tree, roam new area,
Wandering new continent, new everything,
I don’t know either it is fear to start something new,
Or affection of the same place,
But what so ever that magnet is;
What so ever that power is,
That is almighty, dragging back to me;
And my bird, on the same place; doing same,
We all are bird, but chained our self,
For something, from something and forever something.

© Abhishek Yadav-2017

Opposite Attracts

As the times passes, you are slipping out from me,
Going into infinity, reaching to a black hole,
In one-way, into irreversible direction,
This is how you think.
But there is difference in opinion
As far we are going away,
As little as we are seeing each other,
As few we are talking to one other.
Bond between us getting robust,
Perplexing of meeting,
Desperation to seeing
Imagination to facing
Desire to holding
Are increasing.
Yes, this is another way of I thinks
Just differences of opinion
That’s why
Opposite attracts Bong.

© Abhishek Yadav -2017

Because I am Man

When I am shattered, I can’t cry,
Have to smile, I have to show off nothing happened,
Because I am man,
When I lost, my beloved,
Have to collect myself, I have to carry on,
Because I am man,
When I am pierced,
I can’t announce, I have to keep quiet,
Because I am man,
When I am being cheated,
Have I to swallow, I have to wear silence,
Because I am man,
When I am in agony,
Have to relax, I have to keep calm,
Because I am man,
I can’t say I love you, I am not supposed to be emotional,
I can’t say I am sorry, I am not supposed to have weak,
I can’t say I need you, I am not supposed to be fragile,
I can’t say I am exhausted, I am not supposed to be robust,
All these, expectations, desires, rules and traditions
of this world, from  this society,  for this gender,
All are good, still, I would say to you
Men are not apathetic.

I am in desert

Far from here, where I can’t reach.
In unknown location extreme from sight,
A site where no direction,
 A position without  dimension
I know you are there,
Because I live in desert
Far from emotions and feeling,
Dry and dusty place like my heart,
Soil without pulse and carving,
At this land, i suspect,
Moister, muggier, cold and breeze,
 Downpour, cascade, around and within me,
Same salty, same soaked, same savour.
Stop your droplets, stop moan,
I can’t bear breeze, that much feeling in my head,
Because now I live in the desert , My Love.
© Abhishek Yadav- 2017

Best Soul on the Earth

We are separated from each other,
Might me another corner of the world,
Could see each other or might be not,
Might me some days you would be involved in your life,
I would indulge in my world too.
Pulse  would be numbed,
Aching would be soothing,
Memories would be faded,
The existence of togetherness would be imaginary.
Time vanish all bruise of memories.
In  tsunami of changes, havoc of  alteration,
Something  would be consistent,
“I had, best soul on this earth,
And never would get same again.”

© Abhishek Yadav 2017

Image source – www.google.co.in

Red Rose


 I glimpse bloom in  my red rose, on a gloomy day,
I grasp it when; on the edge of my time,
I am ready to proceed  my journey of faith,
To the unknown, to the uncertain,
I was waiting for ages to accompany   blossom, my rose,
I dreamed, to dip myself, in aroma of my rose
I desired to witness, spreading vibes of my rose,
I romanticise to dedicate myself to my rose,
I wouldn’t be lucky enough to be with  my rose,
Entire of life I was waiting to let its petals open,
I was eager, passionately thinking about this day,
 I realised its blossom when we have to separate,
When we proceed our life as per destiny,
 I am disappointed that, I didn’t get you,
I am happy to see you in full blossom, spreading aroma,
spreading abundant of joy, prosperity and vivid colour,
you are happy, evolving, rising, enriching,
That is all that I dreamed about you,
Stay bless and keep growing, spreading love,
 Might me I can see your abundant blossom,
In next time season, or in next destiny,

Happy New Year


On the edge of day, time is ticking

When a year going to end and new dawn is about to began,

When I summarise me year round shadow and the sunshine,

What I accumulate what is wipeout

How much is was profit and what was lost?

I will not do any such thing, it just outdated exercise,

On the dawn of new year, I would be a changed human,

Because I would forgive all my mistakes,

I would forgive, everyone who  hurt me

I would forgive, anyone who broken me,

I will forgive, everyone who robbed me,

I will forgive, anyone who shattered me,

These are those people,

Who made me strong,

Who made me robust,

Who made me wise,

Who made me mature,

I am neither happy nor sad,

Neither  expressive nor concealed,

Neither feeling good or bad,

What I am feeling is

I am a divine flame,

Enlighten from within and ready to welcome,

A new day, a new year, a new life.

Happy New Year to you and Never ever give up Hope

Final Goodbye

Beyond the horizon, before of rainbow,

Where are no dimensions,

No time to be measured,

Scene in neither hazy nor pure,

On the intersection of light and gloom,

Place where the sun is not yet red,

The moon is still mild,

No breeze, to smell,

Land is not green, not gray,

Yes on, that land,

On the same site,

I am still waiting for you,

To give last hug, last cuddle

And the last kiss,

Before you say final Goodbye.

I am Missing


Sun shines, the wind blows,

time clicks, people run,

Moon blossom, stars spreads twinkles,

Everything moving , as it should be,

All around me harmony, synchronized

Rhythm, complete, perfect.

Except me.

There is hollow , emptiness within me,

Somewhere ,something is missing.

I am searching it, trying to fix

Leaking of my soul, bleeding of my heart.

Pieces of my aura.

Droplets of my emotions all around me.

I don’t know why these things are happening with me,

What is going on with me,

But I can feel one thing for sure.

I am missing from, within me.

© Abhishek Yadav 2016


 Keep Walking 

Who were with me,

Who are with me,

Who would come to me,

I don’t know, I never remember it, I would not ever ponder it.

People came to me and gone back,

People robbed me and enriched me with experiences ,

People cursed me and cherries my aspirations

People depressed me and motivated my dreams,

I never cry, I never yell,

I never disillusioned, I never blame ,

I never depressed, never settled down .

One thing which I did in my entire life,

That was keep walking,

Walking all around my dreams,

Walking over my chaos,

Walking in my sorrow,

Walking and just walking,

I did all these, entire of my life because I know something,

A secret of life,

Nothing is permanent and I am a solo traveler,

So keep walking.

I am drowning


Far from each other, on the different dimension of the world,

We are separated, departed, detached , divided from each other,

wounds have been healed, scars vanished,

Broken promises have been under carpet,

Ashes of emotions flew away,

Everything seems streamline,

Well established, pumping,

 and going smooth like nothing happened .

But whenever , I close my eyes ,

Stops seeing everything all around me,

 Then I listen,

An unborn cry,

 Waves of sorrows,

 Sound of tears,

Bitterness of feelings,

Echo of promises,

Lament of bonding,

And broken lines of time.

   I Feel hollow, a vacuum, within me,

 All these are around me, within me, outside of me, from all directions,

Coming from infinite, and continuously,

 Keep on coming

I don’t understand it, from where it is coming,

Just I could feel it’s pain, sorrow, agony, suffering, ache,

But not created by my heart, someone is breeding it,

And pouring on me.

This curse, these irrational waves are heavy and too much intense for me

Sinking me deep, far away my soul from me.

Help me, I am drowning



Ocean sends infinite waves,

To kiss, to hold, to touch, to experience ,

To nurture, to nourish, to moist,

To kiss, to love

 For the shore ,

Very few of them reach shore,

Very little of them remain firm,

Very small of them reach to shoreline,

Very pinch of them able to kiss beach,

And very little of then able to quench the thirst of the embankment.

But still, ocean, my mighty ocean keep sending,

Love, wishes, affection, emotions, spirit and joy to shore,

he never counts how much , she is getting,

How many she is accepting,

How many she is refusing ,

How many she is complementing  ,

How many she is declining

He is mad lover, just keep on sending

Just like me,

You are also like sand,  cold,dry, harsh, difficult hold by emotions,

Hard to brand your heart,

Difficult to embossed  me in your memory line ,

And cultivate love in you .

But I am ocean, a big ocean ,

I will keep on sending you waves,

Then I erode you from your embankment,

And mingle you within me,

Then you would be in me, I would be with you  forever.

Yes I can do it,

Because I am an ocean .

Cape Cod National Seashore

Please come back in my life


Desert makes us realize what the water is,
Snow makes us realize what the fire is,
Water makes us realize what the air is,
Smoke makes us realize what the sunlight is,
And, now my solitariness makes me realize the importance of yours.

Now I know, how much I was fastened to you,
How much I was devoted to you,
How much I was depending on you,
How much I was relying on you.

Now I am feeling, understanding all these,
When you are far-far away from me,
When I can’t accompany you,
When I can’t fondle you,
When I even can’t call you back in my life.

Without you, it feels like unambitious,
Without you, it feels like missing me,
Without you, it feels like I am incapable,
Without you, it feels like I am oblivion.

But now it’s late, too much late,
Nothing could be amended,
Time couldn’t be irreversible,
I hope I can go back to timeline and make myself understand that,

How much you are relevant to me,
How much I depend on you,
How much you are inseparable from me,
How much I savor on you,
How much I need you.

I covet my words could fly, make sound in your heart, and whisper,
Please come back again in my life.

 I will Rise 


Dawn is yet to come and night has not wiped out yet,

Sleep is not in my eyes, but the build is yet to recover.

Dreams are yet to complete, but still I can feel the breeze,

I am in between of awaking and buried deep,

 Entities are ambiguous around me or I am not certain about surrounding of me.

Nothing to think, but still the pain of hallucination on the chest.

I do not know is I am awake of sleep,

All occurrences are going round and round,

I am going round and round and all around.

Between all these uncertainty, cloudy and smoky, hazy, muddy around me,

Even I do not know that is I am on land or in the sky,

Going upward or downward, getting upgrade or downgrade.

Expectations are churning me  or ambitions are skimming me.

But In all these storm and typhoon, there is one anchor,

On which I can trust and believe,

 That is I am.

I know I can come out from all these,

All puzzles around me I will arrange,

Just I need time, to recollect me,

Time to rebuild me, time to refabricate me.

I need just time,  a bit time. A tiny time,

Then I will come out, like sunshine,

Like armor, like glory, like legend ,

I will not only come out for me, but for you too,

Till then just cross your fingers,

Just trust me, just believe me,

I am coming back, I am coming,

I am about to rise.

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Immortal Love


Each day twinkling start takes birth,

Each day few of them pass away,

 Have you seen lament for them by earth,

Have you feel sky weep on death of star,

Moon stops showering icy beams,

Stop tick- tock by the clock.

Who will stay?

How long will stay?

How far can we go?

How close could you be to someone?

These are the questions and so many questions creeping all around in your mind and heart,

You are preoccupied,

These are not under your control,

You can’t change anything by yourself.

 Wrap up your soul,

Dry up your tears,

Wash up your face,

And hold my hands as study as you could,

Just listen to orchestra of our breath,

Follow beats of our heart,

Lets makes symphony by mixing our soul,

Make this flash as infinite,

Make this moment as timeless,

Make this event immortal,


Then who will think about immortality?

Who are questioning about lifelong love?

Who is crying about a long company?

Who is going to lament of short stay?

 Come out from this cry,

Come out from this hallucination,

Come out from shortfall,

Nothing is in our hands,

Do not think what you not have,

What you could lose on the way,

Just trust me,

Come with me,

And, I will guide you to the path  of immortal love.

© Abhishek Yadav 2015

Image Source – www.google.co.in


Modern Women

Each morning a see you waking up fast,

Showing emotions which never could last,

Wearing a smile, on your face,

Running ahead clock to make a race


Doing something in kitchen with a run,

But still making happy face for kids for fun,

Running to office in high heels,

So much work I do not how it feels


Wearing so much makeup to get beauty,

 I do know how you look without it sweetie,

Working all day with decency,

I do not know how you keep up your working efficiency.


You are busy, from beginning till day, full and all,

 Even though you manage to remember me and make a call,

I do not know how you keep yourself such easy,

When I came back to home never find you lazy.


You are smiling and telling me how was your day,

Even I do not ask, but you will say anyway,

On my problems, you give me solutions,

Even it is my problem; I think why I do not get this conclusion.




I do not know what to say you women,

You are like god’s omen,

I do not know how life of men without women,

Thanks to you making my life elite,

Without you, women no one’s life could not be complete.



© Abhishek Yadav 2015

Image Source – www.google.co.in


I Am Sorry…….


When I smell pain in sunlight, mist disappeared from air,

Agony on my face by the moon, stars became disappearing,

Water became saline, colour of pain spared on canvas of sky,

Clouds gliding like lava on my head,

Lament of wolf could listen by me,

Rainbow now looking ugly, time became immobile,

No movement all around me.



Clouds anguishing all around me, nothing is appearing good,

I can realize nothing is going well around me,

Why this is so,

Everything is so inexplicable around me, nothing like known to me,

What is going on?

What is this going on around me….!



Now a could listen to a spiky echo in my ears,

Something likes piercing my heart,

I am feeling uneasy,

What is this genesis of all this,

Where is dejected feeling is coming from

I am going behind it.


There is something in shadow of bushes,

There is someone behind this darkness,

It is appealing sculpture is there, no there is someone,

This is someone, who is crying there,

My breaths are running fast, I touched her shoulders to turned,

Oh … it is you, my love..!!





Crying fearlessly, carrying your broken heart in hands,

Tears passing all over body, grim face, volcanic eyes,

Bloody heart is melting and saying my name,

Oh, it is me … it is I am who did this to you,

 Who shattered your heart, broken you,

Unknowingly killed your faith, trust me,

Whipped out your emotions for me,

Rip off your dreams, your desires.


My girl what I did to you,

What I have done to you,

Oh..What I can do now,

 I am blank, astonished, stoned,

The only word which coming from my soul is,

I am sorry my love.



© Abhishek Yadav 2015

image source   www.google.co.in


Perfect Timing

When atmosphere would be pink

Fill with sparkling diamonds, blue moon over the head,

Breeze would be mild, mist in air,

No one mile from us,

No single noise except your breath,

Nothing balmy except warmness of your own feeling,

Nothing to amuse you from me,

Not a single deliberation in your mind.

You are in best of your costume,

Best of your makeup,

Then I will arrive to bring you to most exotic place on this earth,

Then on our banquet table,

Bending on my knee and asking you to give me permission to exclaim something.

Your breaths would be running as wild stallion,

Emotion might be going to be shattered,

Mind might be full with countless notions,

Waiting timelessly,

To listen to those three rosy worlds,

And mildly I am going to say in your ear.



I know this is your dream,

You love these entire backdrops to express my feeling, in such perfect situation,

On perfect time, on a perfect location, and on a perfect day.

My love there is nothing like perfect,

Nothing is perfect, neither I am not you.

It is just hallucination of perfection,

Rather than waiting for such not tangible, no existing, not practical situation,

I am saying you

I love you, and keep loving you end of my life.




© Abhishek Yadav 2015

Image Sourcewww.google.co.in


Yes you can do it



Pain, fear, agony, sorrow, frustration, rejection, apprehension,

There are many more emotions, sensation, feeling you carrying,

Deep buried inside of you,

Nicely you piled your volcano of emotions inside of your spirit,

I see you every day, I touch you breath each day,

I hug you ever morning, Kisses you every night,

But you hide it; you are curbing these inside of you,

These emotions which are nurturing in your body are corroding you,

How long you can sustain it..? It is killing you softly.



Just for a smile, burst this volcano of emotions from you,

Let lava of tears flow all over your spirit, Let the warmness of agony evaporate,

Let the lament of clouds explode on you; Let these gloomy matters flow out from you.


After this outburst, there will be hollow,

Hollow in your soul, Relaxation in your emotion

Soothing in your feeling, Calmness in you heartbeat,


Then I will climb on you,

Without illuminating you, without grant of yore permission

Without your consent, slowly crawling all around you,


To colour you spirit in rainbow,

To fill you hollow soul with love, to pull your breath with smile

To play music with your heart beat, to change you from in and out,


I can do it; yes I can do it for you, I am ready to do all these for you,

But, first you need to believe in me, you must have trust me,

You have to faith on me that,

“Yes, `you can do it…”



© Abhishek Yadav-2015

Image source www.google.co.in


My Dove


My dear Dove.

I love you most in entire world,

I can’t live without you,

You are apple of my eyes,

You are my morning star

You are everything for me.


But in spite of all these emotions,

With all these feeling and sentiments,

I know what I have to do,!!

What should do for the better faction of You?

I am not going to keep you in golden cage

I am not going to be tied up,

I am not going to wipe out your wings

I am not going to kill your dreams

I am not discouraging you not to fly.


I will not do any of these things.

I will allow you to fly,

I will encourage you to break all barriers,

I will show you direction to destiny,

I will feed you with new dreams,

I will drive you to sit on the horizon.


My lovely Dove you know,

Why I am able to do these things for you,

Because I love you, I love you most in this world,

Love does not stop you to fly, not hinders to touch your goals,

Never ever binds you to do anything which you want to achieve.


But It pushes you to fly freely, fearlessly and confidently,

Fly my dove, fly, touch sky as high as you can.

I know you will come back to me, and only to me,

Because it is love which binds you with me,

It loves an invisible connection between us.


I am sure you will return to me

Because you know you also love me,

Enjoy your freedom my Dove.

Enjoy your destiny.

I am with you, waiting for you,

For forever.


© Abhishek Yadav-2015

Image source www.google.co.in


 Takes Time


Indeed, it takes time,

Sun takes time  to blow the sunshine,

Star takes time to glitter,

Moon takes time to dazzle,

Spring takes time to blossom,

River takes time to kiss the sea,

Ice takes time to melt down,

Everything takes time to reach the zenith,

It is the law of nature.

Feelings in your heart will take time to cultivate,

Emotion in your soul will take time to flourish,

Soul of you will take time to grasp me,

Sensations of your body will take time to acknowledge me,

Sentiment in your eyes will take time to emerge,

I know; you will take time to distinguish me,

You will take time to trust me,

You will take time to have faith in me,

It will take time to have confidence in me,

I know mine someone special; it is just matter of time,

It is just the puzzle of time,

It is the hurdle of time,

It is a the fence of time,

After these obstacles, these barriers,

You will be out there,

You will come to  me, do not be worry,

Take your time; take time as much as you can take,

I am here, at another end of the world

Waiting for you,

I will wait for you my love till infinite,

I know, I can wait for you

Because to grow love,

It takes time,

I am waiting for you.


© Abhishek Yadav

Image Source – www.google.co.in



This life is so unusual, each day instructs new thing,

Sometimes so good make me live,

Sometimes so bad makes me die.

Some day so happy, make me  howl,

So time so dull make me annoy.

Sometimes I give me smile,

Sometimes runs me  from miles to miles,

Sometimes it is vivid as rainbow,

Sometimes as dull as prosaic,

I have not only seen mono shades of life

I saw incalculable shades of this living pride.


I different saga, an unknown puzzle it is,

As much try to unwind it, I get bored to it

I do not recognize where it is going,

Where It is taking me to,

Is it leading to me or I am leading to it,

To total confusion it is.


After years of pondering and comprehension.

I grasp…

What so ever I saw,

What so ever I feel,

What so ever I noticed

What so ever I gain

What so ever I lost

All this is life

Life is nothing but the sum of all my feeling my expressions.

Which is in my, which  is out of me.

Which I missed, which I lost,

Nothing is in control my love ones.

Live it as it is, because this is



© Abhishek Yadav 2015

image source  www.google.co.in




On this crowd of universe,

I flew with motion and see all around me,

A lot of pretty faces, nice bodies, good souls,

Pleasant personalities, evil, devil, corrective figures,

Rejected, tempered, kinky, and I amaze to see all these.


I tried to get into skin of all these, tried so many things,

Became so many personalities, in short time,

I was tall, I was dark, I was slim, I was masculine,

I was brownie, I was red head, I was morphed,

I was changed, I was rejected, I was selected,

I was happy, I was sad, I was in pain,

I was in gain, I was dumb, I was numb,


I constant changing of myself, I was on endless journey,

In infinite loop, and keep revolving, keep in poignant,

My mirror asked me “who are you. What is your identity..!!!

You self-unconscious what image do you want, how I can endeavor you some someone else

What universe verbalizes you knows it, have you ever perceive sound of yourself..???


Since then till now I see myself as I am.

Without any camouflage, without any replica face.

I love my skin shade with scars, breakouts,

I love my blemish face, skull without hair,

Love my bald face, my brief height, my waistline,

Love my thick specs, my dress, my shoes,

I love who I am, as it is I am, actually now,

I love myself.

© Abhishek Yadav 2015

Image Source- www.google.co.in


I am Nomadic

I am Nomadic

One day while hiking to my way,

A sunny humid day, roaming alone towards my unknown destiny

Silently and calmly moving towards nowhere,

Not feeling any pain, frozen grin,

Lost to my own world, just scrolling with time

It was my simple, decent life,

But sudden.


I feel a breeze on my shoulders, whispered into me in lusty sound,

I am with you on this deserted trail of life,

“You could not see me, you could not feel me, but I am with you”.

A sound   thousand miles away from me, but feeling somewhere from within me.

I astounded I turned up it was you.


I solicit her how elongated our journey is my lady..?

She said. As long you could walk..  a Nomadic, a Wanderlust

I am with you. How near, how dearer can say.

But  it is sure ..I am with you, 

From that day till now

I am Nomadic……


© Abhishek Yadav 2015

Image Source- www.google.co.in



Dark Chocolate

6 chocolate girl

You are bitter like chocolate,

Not sweet, polite, not humble not delight,

You mesmerize by your presence,

Comes into my heart by your bitterly kisses,

Your pleasant whiff confines my brain

And brew to my soul.

You are bitter chocolate, makes addictive of you,

You are not sweet, vibrant, and affirmative like others,

 Not as others expect you to be.

But it’s satisfying for me, who you are, what you and how you are.

I love your bitterness, your darkness.

This makes you outrageous.

And finally compel me to fall in love with my dark chocolate.


© Abhishek Yadav

image source – www.google.co.in


A Curly Girl


There is a girl with a lot of curls,

Not simple, sapiosexual, shy, fuzzy a bit busy,

She is complicated, messy, like her black-brown fuzzy,

I love when she plays with it, a bit pull, twirling, a bit lazy.

She twists and turns it when reading fiction,

Reading delightful poems is her addiction

She works happily with pride,

But do not know why cry in mid-night,

She says she is complicated, emotional like her bunny curl,

But she does not know, she is my pearl,

I wish I could be her lovely book,

Then she could be attached be without hook,

Then we could together smile,

Can walk together virtually some miles,

Together we could feel fear

and can pour the drop of tears,

I will collect words to be a book for my curly girl

This might be made me her black pearl.


©Abhishek Yadav 2015

Image source www.google.co.in



 My Real Women

My Women
My Women

What I should proclaim you as,

You sweet rebellion,

You pacific heart,

You cozy fire,

You untamed breeze,

You midnight fantasy,

You star pointer,

You pride of pack,

You charm of medication,

You soothing of nomadic,

You goddess of wanderers,



You never perceive but…

You are just you,

Not what I expect from you to be,

Not as people around you think you should be,

Not as family wants you make to be,

Not as your society turning you to me,

My lovely lady….




You are what you want to be,

You are what you think you should be,

You are what you admire from yourself get to be,

You are as like this because,

You are real women.

You are modern women.

And you are My Women.


© Abhishek Yadav 2015

Image source www.google.co.in



Oh, my lady love…..

Oh my lady love…
Oh my lady love…

                                             Oh  my lady love…

I love you what you are;

Not for what you are,

I do not love you for colour of your skin;

I love you even your hair colour, blue, pink or green,

I do not love you because small medium or big size;

I never saw you as fancy, trophy or as prize,

I do not love you to fill my free time;

I love you because you are my life’s rhyme,

I do not love you for your beauty;

I love you because keep my girl happy is my duty,

My love, you are feminine, a beautiful strong lady;

Independent, free, expressive and free breeze could care of self.


But I am old-fashioned and traditional man;

For me, chivalry is still alive and in my blood,

Let me serve you my lady.

 © Abhishek Yadav 2015

Image source www.google.co.in


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