Because I am Man

When I am shattered, I can’t cry,
Have to smile, I have to show off nothing happened,
Because I am man,


When I lost, my beloved,
Have to collect myself, I have to carry on,
Because I am man,


When I am pierced,
I can’t announce, I have to keep quiet,
Because I am man,


When I am being cheated,
Have I to swallow, I have to wear silence,
Because I am man,


When I am in agony,
Have to relax, I have to keep calm,
Because I am man,


I can’t say I love you, I am not supposed to be emotional,
I can’t say I am sorry, I am not supposed to have weak,
I can’t say I need you, I am not supposed to be fragile,
I can’t say I am exhausted, I am not supposed to be robust,


All these, expectations, desires, rules and traditions
of this world, from  this society,  for this gender,
All are good, still, I would say to you
Men are not apathetic.


© Abhishek Yadav -2017

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I am in desert

Far from here, where I can’t reach.
In unknown location extreme from sight,
A site where no direction,
 A position without  dimension
I know you are there,


Because I live in desert
Far from emotions and feeling,
Dry and dusty place like my heart,
Soil without pulse and carving,


At this land, i suspect,
Moister, muggier, cold and breeze,
 Downpour, cascade, around and within me,
Same salty, same soaked, same savour.


Stop your droplets, stop moan,
I can’t bear breeze, that much feeling in my head,
Because now I live in the desert , My Love.



© Abhishek Yadav- 2017

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Blow slowly

Dear wind, wait for me,
I want you to end for me,
Hold, till I can grasp you in me,
Close to my heart, Into my soul,


Let me bring container of memories,
I want to hold fragrance of someone,
Sitting far end of rainbow,
You are moistened in her aroma,
I want will emboss   her fragrance in memories,


You have warmness of her breaths,
I want you to immobile,
I will conserve  it, to fuel my dreams,


Last chance of catch her gasp, before she close her windows
For me, and for you.
Please, wind blow slowly.


© Abhishek Yadav -2017

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अक्शो का तिलिश्म

रो सकते तो क्या सुकून होता दिल को ,
इस तरह सरे आम , लिख कर ,
जस्बातो की नुमाईश न करनी पड़ती ,


बड़े किस्मत वाले है वो ,
रखते है दरिया-ए-अक्श,
यु पत्थर-दिल कहला कर,
रुसवाई हासिल न करनी पड़ती ,


गर पहले  समझ जाता इन अक्शो का तिलिश्म ,
तो  रुसवाई यार की सहनी न पड़ती ,
वक़्त पर कर लेता  कागज पर बंद , अपनी बेबसी का नाच ऐ,
मुहब्बत अपनी , रुसवा  न करनी  पड़ती  |


© Abhishek Yadav 2017
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खवाब भी मेरे थे ,मंजिल भी मेरी थी,
तुम आये तो ज़िन्दगी में रोशनी सी थी,
समझ न सका साथ जुग़नू का ,
जब रोशन मेरी मंजिल थी |


कदर न कर सका रौशनी का , जो साथ थी मेरे ,
हवश में था , चाँद के रौशनी में मैं तो ,
वो तो चाँद था , छुप गया , बादलों में तो,
ना तो चाँद मिला , ना मंजिल मेरी |


बेहया सा अब , जुग़नू की तलाश करता हूँ,
सीने में जस्प *कर लूंगा , आ मिल तो  मुझे |
जस्प*- अवशोषित  (absorve)


© Abhishek Yadav -2017
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साथ चलने का ख्वाब दिखने वाले,

गम ये नहीं की ,साथ मेरे नहीं कोई,

बस सोचता ये ही हूं,

अब क्या करूँगा , अकेला मंज़िल पर पहुँच कर?



सपनों का पीछा करते करते पीछे बहुत कुछ छूट गया……

जीवन बदलने की कोशिश में जीवन ही कुछ छूट गया…..
जिसको गलत तस्वीर दिखाई उसको ही बस खुश रख पाया…..

जिसके सामने आईना रक्खा हर शख्स वो मुझसे रूठ गया………..


Best soul on the earth

We are separated from each other,
Might me another corner of the world,
Could see each other or might be not,
Might me some days you would be involved in your life,
I would indulge in my world too.


Pulse  would be numbed,
Aching would be soothing,
Memories would be faded,
The existence of togetherness would be imaginary.
Time vanish all bruise of memories.


In  tsunami of changes, havoc of  alteration,
Something  would be consistent,
“I had, best soul on this earth,
And never would get same again.”

© Abhishek Yadav 2017

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