वो इंतज़ार करते रहे बेकरारी से मेरी मिय्यत का,
हम बेबाक अपने मौत का इरादा ही बदल बैठे |
क्या मरना उस बेगैरत के लिए,
जो ज़िन्दगी की कीमत लगा बैठे |


What are dreams,
Are dreams my subconscious feeling,
Are dreams expressions of unfilled desires,
Are dreams imaginations, of impossible,
Are dreams hallucinations, of my mind,
Are dreams expansion,  of my fantasies.



Accurately, I don’t know what are these dreams
But I love to see them,
I love to feel them,
I love to fulfil them,
I love to visualise them.


It dreams which let me feel to  end of horizon,
It dreams which allows me to do what I can’t thing,
It dreams which persuades me to chase impossible,
It dreams which ignites, my soul and feelings.


Yes, I am a dreamer, I see dreams with open eyes,
I see dreams in day time,
Because of my dreams, I am here,
Where I would reach tomorrow, that would be also my dreams.


 Let me swim, into my dreams,
And chase un-chaseable, see invisible,
Approachable  for unapproachable, conquest invisibly,
  So, now Good night.


© Abhishek Yadav 2017

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Familiar Stranger

Someone, I know far from me, following me,
tracking me, quietly, calmly, without any tracks,
without any hiss, just observing me,
 no words, without breath,


Oh my disengaged one, I know who you are,
my forbidden love, you; who came in my life,
adorned me, best memories of my life,
rejoiced, rejuvenated  and reclaimed my life,


Places stretched between us, by the time,
we separated, departed and walked our miles,
now you feel; we   just meet  as serendipitously,
Just as a trick, one among the million we meet.


Have you ever pondered why we meet,
neither it was  coincidence, nor a random chance,
everything happens, due to a cause, with a reason,
yet, we can’t justify it but we can perceive it.


Anytime, we strive, argue then quiet,
because I understand silence; of yours,
you rejoice my emotions, our chorus,
our misunderstanding, miscommunication


Still, we can’t deny our love for each other,
i love you and would keep loving till eternity,
even though what so ever situation around us,
that is all, I have to say you, my familiar stranger.

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The Hope- Immortal

Night is dark, dismay, Land is frozen, the wind is icy,
In the middle of night, everything is hazy,
Trail is  sludgy, sky is gloomy,
Nothing and no one is awake, except me,


I have to be ready, and alert to march ahead,
I don’t know what is about to come,
What I have to face, what life going to unbox for me,
What destiny would bring for me?


In spite of so much uncertainty, so much haziness,
Along with  dump of perplexity, and complexity,
I am calm and anchored, firmly matching to destiny.


Because I can know you are with me,
neither physically, nor tangible, nor noticeably,
But, I know you will join me, After frozen seasons,


All these are just my thinking, which generates believes,
believes, generates hope, yes I have hope,
The Hope, which is immortal.

  © Abhishek Yadav-2017

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आ जाओ फिर तुम

कुछ  गहरी खाईया खोद रही है हम दोनों ने अपने दरमियान ,
जबकि फासला सिर्फ कुछ बोलो ,कुछ बून्द आँसुओ भर का है,
बेबसी तुमको भी है , बेक़रार मैं भी हूँ,
हया की दलदल में तुम भी हो,
जस्बातो के बवंडर में लड़खड़ाता  मैं भी हूँ |


न जाने कब हम बोलेगे , गांठ अपने दिलो की खोलेंगे ,
पहल का इंतज़ार मुझको भी है ,
और मुझ से बेक़रार तुम भी हो ,
कनखियों से ताकना मैंने भी देखा है,
नज़रे चुराके निहारना ,तुम ने भी पकड़ा है,


ये लुकाछिपी ,
ये अंतहीन पहले खेल,
मुझ से मैं को न हटा पाना , न जाने कहा तक
हम दोनों को ले जायेगा |


पर मैं , ज़िन्दगी भर तिलमिलाने , खुद ही खुद में बिलबिलाने ,
कब्र तक की बेबसी , खुद ही खुद में बुदबुदाने ,
वज़नों को सीने पर ढ़ोने से बेहतर ,
मैं कहता हूँ ,
आ जाओ फिर तुम , बस और नहीं  |



© Abhishek Yadav 2017

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