I am drowning


Far from each other, on the different dimension of the world,

We are separated, departed, detached , divided from each other,

wounds have been healed, scars vanished,

Broken promises have been under carpet,

Ashes of emotions flew away,

Everything seems streamline,

Well established, pumping,

 and going smooth like nothing happened .



But whenever , I close my eyes ,

Stops seeing everything all around me,

 Then I listen,

An unborn cry,

 Waves of sorrows,

 Sound of tears,

Bitterness of feelings,

Echo of promises,

Lament of bonding,

And broken lines of time.



   I Feel hollow, a vacuum, within me,

 All these are around me, within me, outside of me, from all directions,

Coming from infinite, and continuously,

 Keep on coming



I don’t understand it, from where it is coming,

Just I could feel it’s pain, sorrow, agony, suffering, ache,

But not created by my heart, someone is breeding it,

And pouring on me.



This curse, these irrational waves are heavy and too much intense for me

Sinking me deep, far away my soul from me.

Help me, I am drowning



© Abhishek Yadav 2016

image source – www. google.co.in 


एक टुकड़ा आसमान का


अरमानो को गुबार ठुसे पड़े है, रूह में ,

कुलबुलाते , बुलबुलते ,लबरेज , छलछलाते,

बड़े अरमानो से सींचे ,

कही दफ़न न हो जाये , मेरे साथ मेरी कब्र में |

हो सके तो एक टुकड़ा मुझे दे देना आसमान का ,

छोटे सुर्ख बादलों वाला ,

आरज़ू-ए-ज़िन्दगी समझ कर मेरे खुदा |

हो सके मेरे अरमानो की स्याही ,

गुलाल बन बरसे किसी और की ज़िन्दगी पर |


© Abhishek Yadav 2016

Image Source – www.google.co.in