Takes Time



Indeed, it takes time,

Sun takes time  to blow the sunshine,

Star takes time to glitter,

Moon takes time to dazzle,

Spring takes time to blossom,

River takes time to kiss the sea,

Ice takes time to melt down,

Everything takes time to reach the zenith,

It is the law of nature.


Feelings in your heart will take time to cultivate,

Emotion in your soul will take time to flourish,

Soul of you will take time to grasp me,

Sensations of your body will take time to acknowledge me,

Sentiment in your eyes will take time to emerge,


I know; you will take time to distinguish me,

You will take time to trust me,

You will take time to have faith in me,

It will take time to have confidence in me,


I know mine someone special; it is just matter of time,

It is just the puzzle of time,

It is the hurdle of time,

It is a the fence of time,


After these obstacles, these barriers,

You will be out there,

You will come to  me, do not be worry,

Take your time; take time as much as you can take,


I am here, at another end of the world

Waiting for you,

I will wait for you my love till infinite,

I know, I can wait for you

Because to grow love,

It takes time,

I am waiting for you.



© Abhishek Yadav

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कलाम तुझे सलाम


सपने सिर्फ सपने नहीं होते ,

सपने सिर्फ सपनो के लिए नहीं होते,

सपनो से पहचान होती है,

सपने ही जीवन का ज्ञान होती है |


सपने देखना , सपने दिखलाना ,

और; सपनो को पूरा करने का अभिमान सिखलाना ,

अपने सपनो के लिए मर मिटना ,

सपनो के लिए ही ज़िंदा हो जाना |


सपनो से ही सपने बुनना ,

अपने सपनो से ही, दुसरो को सपने दिखलाना ,

और अंत में सपने दे कर,

खुद सपना बन जाना  |


तुमने मुझे है , ये सब सिखलाया ,

तुमने मुझे , ये सब बतलाया ,

तुमने मुझे ,करना, मरना,मिटना, और फिर जी जाना बतलाया |


लविदा , मुझे सपने दिखलाने वाले ,

अलविदा , मुझे सपनो में जीना सिखलाने वाले ,

अलविदा,  सपना बन जाने वाले,

अलविदा कलाम,

कलाम तुझे सलाम !!



© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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Language of Love


I smile when you use jargon of adorable words,

Friend, close friend, companion, partners of life, everlasting relation,

Love, attraction, infatuation, feelings, emotions, platonic, passion , crazy,

I wish I could understand demarcation between these words,

Mumbling, jumbling, confusing, inarticulate and irritating,


I could acknowledge you one thing, which is pouring direct from my heart and soul.

I am an illiterate; I do not understand segregation and differentiation between love words,

I do not understand dimension and different degree of love,

I could not separate intensity and depth of feeling,

I cannot see discrepancy in intention and magnitude of relationships,


These vocabularies of those people, who have rainbow of feelings,

My feeling for you just monochromatic,

When you chat with me, time gets slow,

When you talk with me, I could feel breeze,

When you touches me, I could I feel sound of wind,

Warmness of you breaths feels for me like music to heart,

When you are not around me, still I could feel you,

I love to watch you, every second,

I want to hear you forever,

I want to be with you till infinite,


I do not know how you are going to judge my feelings,

I do not know where my sentiments going to be fit in you grades,

I do not know what category you are going to give my emotions,

I do not know  in which class you are going to put my love,

I do not really care all these things,


For me significant is,

What I can do for my lady,

How better I could take care of you,

And, how could I feel you special.

My love, I know only this language of love,

Hope you could understand my feelings for you.


© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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पानी की नन्ही बूंदे भी क्या कमाल करती है ,

जो न चाहो वो भी कर दे, वो हाल करती है ,

कभी याद दिलाती है कागज की नाव ,

कभी याद दिलाती है लेना पीपल की छाव,

कभी घुटनो तक छप-छप कर जाना ,

कभी अपने जूतो को थैले में लेकर आना,

कभी गिर जाना साइकिल से नाली पे,

कभी पत्थर फेकना कच्ची आम की डाली पे ,

कभी भीगना जब तक दिल न करे,

कभी पकोड़े खाना जब तक पेट न भरे ,


पर न जाने क्यों अब बारिश में वो बात नज़र नहीं आती,

कीचड़  से डरना, वक्त पर पहुचना,भीगने से बचना,

सर्दी की दवा खाना, आकाश देख कर गम से भर जाना,

या काम पर देर के डर से मर जाना ,

न जाने अब बादलो के आ जाने से डर का एहसास होता है ,

या बारिश बदली है या फिर मैं बदला हुँ |


बारिश तुम से अपने दिल की बात कहता हुँ,

अबकी तुम गरज बरस कर आओ,

मेरे दिल की गर्द हटा ले जाओ,

मेरी आत्मा की मैल बहा ले जाओ,

आओ मेरे जीवन में बन कर उम्मीदों की बाढ़ ,

अबकी मैं बैठा हुँ बह जाने के लिए तैयार ,

तुम्हारे आने पर मैं मुस्कुराउगा,

परिवर्तन के गीत गाऊंगा,



आओ बारिश तुम झूम कर आओ,

अपने संग मुझको भी बहा ले जाओ,

आओ बारिश , अब आ भी जाओ |



© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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Pole star



On heap of rocks I was sitting,

All alone, offended, dejected, tired, disheartened and twinged,

Nowhere to go, no direction, not desired, no passion,

I lost my recollections,

who am I,

From where I came from

Where I have to go.

All grief, pain and just full with darkness in and out,

Breeze was arctic; no warmness was in fire, just all my world was broke up.


Only thing that I could remember was I am and pole star,

All abandoned nothing far and behind me, what to do and where to start do not know,

In freezing storm I sensed a fluid voice, silky, smooth, tender and warm,

Came in my ears and going into my soul,

Was chanting like a baby, whispering, uttering unclear but comforting to heart,



She was in front of me, smiling, In white gown, came to me,

Touches me and said to me.

My love forgot what happened with you,

 Where you have to go,

Just trust yourself,

Just believe In you,

All these pain, agony, frustration, sorrow are quick.

Just keep walking; you are not made to be   remorse, to lament on death of yours.

Nothing you lost nothing you could revive.

I am with you forever and always.


I asked who you are, do I know you, why you are supporting.

She smiled and said I am you forgotten love,

Your own soul,

Your own body,

I am you own pole star.


north star

© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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All around you……


Distance between you us spacious,

You can’t feel me and I am also not in front of you,

Shadow of my emotions can be mingle with you,

Even salty tears of your grieve, can’t moist me,

Waves of your smile, can’t touch my stoned heart


You are in impair,

You are in rejoice,

You are in dilemma,

You are under evils,

You are deserted,

You are tired

You are annoyed

I do not know how you are feeling now and then.


But I could remember you are a brave girl, a warrior spirit,

Show no tears,

Show no pain,

Show no emotions,

I know you are a fighter,

You are a survivor,

You are with conviction,

You are with zeal,


My dear I am thousands of miles away from you, not with you in struggle of life,

I could not be stand shoulder by shoulder with you every day ,

But it does not means that I am not with you.


In daily resist of existence when you are worn out and going to be broken down,

 Just close your eyes,


You could feel breeze on your head from my blessing,

You could feel warm around you from my hug

You could feel moist on your eyes from my kisses

You could feel me yourself on my shoulder

I am with you, all around you

Just you could see me by your inner eyes.

My lady just feel me.

I am all around you.


© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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This life is so unusual, each day instructs new thing,

Sometimes so good make me live,

Sometimes so bad makes me die.

Some day so happy, make me  howl,

So time so dull make me annoy.

Sometimes I give me smile,

Sometimes runs me  from miles to miles,

Sometimes it is vivid as rainbow,

Sometimes as dull as prosaic,

I have not only seen mono shades of life

I saw incalculable shades of this living pride.



I different saga, an unknown puzzle it is,

As much try to unwind it, I get bored to it

I do not recognize where it is going,

Where It is taking me to,

Is it leading to me or I am leading to it,

To total confusion it is.



After years of pondering and comprehension.

I grasp…

What so ever I saw,

What so ever I feel,

What so ever I noticed

What so ever I gain

What so ever I lost

All this is life



Life is nothing but the sum of all my feeling my expressions.

Which is in my, which  is out of me.

Which I missed, which I lost,

Nothing is in control my love ones.

Live it as it is, because this is




© Abhishek Yadav 2015

image source  www.google.co.in