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Comfort Zone is dangerous

Everyone does not have everything, because everyone does not deserve to get everything. When I see down the memory line and conclude what I get and what I lost in transition between different phases of like; then I conclude I was with so many people and all of them was not so much deserving to get me or I was not enough to get them; I do not know what is truth. But I am certain about that I am doing well because from where I started and where I am right now are two different positions, and I find myself that I grown am still growing.

When you are leaving a comfortable position or company of a comfortable person; it is painful and you do not want to come out from comfortable position. It is human nature we all want to be in comfort and cozy. But unfortunately we forget to realized that separation from your comfort gives you an opportunity too.

Yes it is an opportunity to get immunity from that loving position or from that loving person, it is up to you how you scrutinize this situation. If you will come out from your current situation it might be you could obtain better position or person.  If not than be happy with that comfortable position of person… choice is yours.  Come out from your comfort… it might be dangerous and you might never know it



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