Have You Still Not Got the Universe…?


I am like any other regular guy round the corner. A decent looks, have a job which pays me enough to pay my bills and saving for rainy days. I am living in a nice metro city and I am working with one of top MNC of the world. I am living at decent address of city, I have my own home, I commute to office by my black sedan class Toyota. Like any other men, I also have a beautiful wife with whom I go to holidays at least once in year, on weekends I party with my friends.

Till a certain angle you can say “My life is good” or “Nice Life” or some of you could imagine its “Perfect Life” but in actual it is not. Because I am living my life in a certain fashion, I wake up early morning every day and  reaches office at 9:00 AM, comes back to home around 7 or 7:30 then eating , watching TV, talking with wife, sex sometimes then sleep . Again back to work, Life is like round and round, I feel like in a “Rat Race”. May be someone could consider it as Mid life Crisis. But actually it is not.

Actually like others I focus on

How big corpus does I need to retire with..?

 What if I lose my job..?

When I could upgrade to new SUV?

When I could switch to new job? or

What would happen to my family if I die suddenly? And many more

There are many more puzzles of question which makes me scare, by these question I feel under pressure, these anxiety makes me pale, these are those thing which keeps me distract from life. At end of day I feel myself under tones of pressure of these silly but prominent hallucinations in my mind. Really I am sick of these things; I want to come out from this…. But is there is a way to come out from these questions. ?

Is my life is going to waste in searching behind these questions..? Could my life be change, could I make my personality good enough to motivate any one?  Or just I am going to end my life anonymous except for my family? I need to find solution of these problems.

Like at end of any dark and long night; always there is silver lining. I find that silver lining. The solution of all my problems which I find was just next to me, it was on my table, just next to me all the time. This solution was not very long, or big thing or not very expensive. It was just on a piece of paper just half of my palm size. And solution was also well-known to me. But like most of the others I was ignoring solutions because it was so obvious and general that I was ruling it out as solution. And even if I am going to tell you solution you are going to think …

Oh this thing was known to me..!

It’s very old tricky thing..!

It’s just gas.!! 

I can’t consider it as solution..!

Well anything you are going to think about me but I am going to share it with you….

These are nothing but three questions and ones you know answer of these questions you are going come out from all your problems. Lord Shiva told that every human being should know answer of these questions. Once you know these answers you will explore universe within you. All of your problems are going to terminate. You will know solutions of all the problems around you.

These simple questions are

  • Who you are
  • You came from where
  • Where you are going


You have to ask this question to yourself “who are you..?”, “Do I know myself?” ,”Is am I real?” all these means that to know your strengths , your weakness , what do you like and what not. When you know about yourself then there will be no confusion what to do what to not, i.e. if you know that you love travelling, you are not going to accept desk job, if you know that you love number crunching you are not going to be a secretary. It is about you, knowing yourself personally. In & out.

Once you know yourself then there will be not delay to make any decision, when decision is right there will be no friction between your heart and mind.  Once your inner is aligned with your outer one then no problem, you will work as single unit not two person in you.

You came from where…?

This is second questions which Lord Shiva asked you to know. Meaning of this question is that you should remember your history, your family, your educational background, your social background, you life experiences, you emotional experiences, your professional life experiences, your all type of experiences, your life journey. You must recall all these when you are going to take any decision in your life. Answer of this question will assist you to take decision on current circumstances. I.e. Should I think about to start a family now?, should I come out from this relationship or not.? Should I switch my job now or later? Should I invert in gold or in bonds?

All these questions could be solved just answering this simple question which lord Shiva asked from you, because when you would explore answer this question you will travel through experiences of your life span, then you can take decision without being irrational.

Where you are going…? 

The last and most important question which Shiva forced you to know because by answering this question you are going to give shape to your future, future which is even unknown to you, time which is going to measure by after few day or may be after few years.

Meaning of this question is very simple , what so ever you are going to do now, or what so ever decision you are going to take how that decision going to affect you in future ..? How your descendants are going to know you, by you current decision. i.e should I keep doing my safe job or try to be entrepreneur.? Should I earn money to fund my higher studies or to my marriage?

By answering this question you will edit anything about future. And once you know in which direction your future is going on then you need not to worry.

These three questions of Shiva will help to check all suspicions about present, past and future

Who you are will check for your current situation

You came from where will analyze for your past situation

Where you are going will manage you future situation

Once you have ability to check all these three-time frames at a time, than you are going to be relaxed, without fear, without uncertainties of life. Then you would be in contended situation, in that situation you could find peace, tranquility of inner aura, harmony in you. And this would lead you to know entire universe with in you.

So stop being worry…. Just start to explore universe within you.

Happy reading


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