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You dear lady …


Whenever in need, you were closer to me,

Presented, even not needed,

In countless forms, infinite relations, uncountable meanings;

You were somewhere around me, imminent to me.



Life couldn’t be nurture without you,

Neither living can go on without you.

When you are with me, I feel complete,

Without you I am hollow, sounds empty.



Proclaiming myself the strong is my obligation,

Allowing me to feel stronger, your gratitude;

I feel rock solid because you show superficial to me.



I am stronger, from you,

I am weak, that too also from you;

I measure; I resemble, I compare all of you,

Independently, solitary, I don’t have existence,

For my own existence, I need your presence.



Words are infinite; emotions are endless, honor towards you endless,

 can’t conclude, just in simple words…

Ladies Without You Men Are Nonexistent



Dedicated to my Mother, My Siter and all women whom i know and don't

© Abhishek Yadav 2018

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जब जरुरत होती है, होती हो तुम कही ,

जब जरुरत नहीं भी होती है , तो तुम ही होती हो ;

न जाने कितने रूपों , कितने व्यक्तित्व्यों , कितने सम्बन्धो में;

कब से, कहाँ से, मेरे साथ बनी हो।



जीवन  न तुम्हारे बिन सुरु हो सकता है ,

न ज़िंदगी तुम बिन चल सकती है ;

तुम्हारे होने पर लगता है खुद का पूरा होना ,

तुम्हारे बगैर ,कुछ कमी सी खटकती है ।



पुरुष हो कर न कमजोर होना मेरी तो मज़बूरी है ,

और मुझे मजबूत होने देना तुम्हारा बड्डपन है ;

मेरा खुद को फौलाद दिखाना तो  छलावा है ,

क्यों  की तुम ने हमेशा खुदको कमज़ोर दिखाया है ।




मैं मज़बूत हूँ, तो तुम से हूँ ,

मैं कमज़ोर हूँ तो तुम से हूँ ,

मेरा कोई स्वतंत्र अस्तित्व नहीं ,

मेरा अस्तित्व पाने के लिए भी , तुम्हारा अस्तित्वे जरुरी है ।



भावनायें तो असीमित , अपरिमित , अतुलित है ;

बस तुम्हारे लिए  एक शब्द…

नारी तुम वन्दनीये हो ।


मेरी माँ , मेरी बहन और उन सारी महिलाओं को सो समर्पित जिन्हे मैं जानता और नहीं जानता हूँ ।

© Abhishek Yadav 2018

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Because I am Man

When I am shattered, I can’t cry,
Have to smile, I have to show off nothing happened,
Because I am man,


When I lost, my beloved,
Have to collect myself, I have to carry on,
Because I am man,


When I am pierced,
I can’t announce, I have to keep quiet,
Because I am man,


When I am being cheated,
Have I to swallow, I have to wear silence,
Because I am man,


When I am in agony,
Have to relax, I have to keep calm,
Because I am man,


I can’t say I love you, I am not supposed to be emotional,
I can’t say I am sorry, I am not supposed to have weak,
I can’t say I need you, I am not supposed to be fragile,
I can’t say I am exhausted, I am not supposed to be robust,


All these, expectations, desires, rules and traditions
of this world, from  this society,  for this gender,
All are good, still, I would say to you
Men are not apathetic.


© Abhishek Yadav -2017

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Modern Women

Each morning a see you waking up fast,

Showing emotions which never could last,

Wearing a smile, on your face,

Running ahead clock to make a race


Doing something in kitchen with a run,

But still making happy face for kids for fun,

Running to office in high heels,

So much work I do not how it feels


Wearing so much makeup to get beauty,

 I do know how you look without it sweetie,

Working all day with decency,

I do not know how you keep up your working efficiency.

You are busy, from beginning till day, full and all,

 Even though you manage to remember me and make a call,

I do not know how you keep yourself such easy,

When I came back to home never find you lazy.


You are smiling and telling me how was your day,

Even I do not ask, but you will say anyway,

On my problems, you give me solutions,

Even it is my problem; I think why I do not get this conclusion.


I do not know what to say you women,

You are like god’s omen,

I do not know how life of men without women,

Thanks to you making my life elite,

Without you, women no one’s life could not be complete.



© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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I Am Sorry…….


When I smell pain in sunlight, mist disappeared from air,

Agony on my face by the moon, stars became disappearing,

Water became saline, colour of pain spared on canvas of sky,

Clouds gliding like lava on my head,

Lament of wolf could listen by me,

Rainbow now looking ugly, time became immobile,

No movement all around me.




Clouds anguishing all around me, nothing is appearing good,

I can realize nothing is going well around me,

Why this is so,

Everything is so inexplicable around me, nothing like known to me,

What is going on?

What is this going on around me….!




Now a could listen to a spiky echo in my ears,

Something likes piercing my heart,

I am feeling uneasy,

What is this genesis of all this,

Where is dejected feeling is coming from

I am going behind it.



There is something in shadow of bushes,

There is someone behind this darkness,

It is appealing sculpture is there, no there is someone,

This is someone, who is crying there,

My breaths are running fast, I touched her shoulders to turned,

Oh … it is you, my love..!!






Crying fearlessly, carrying your broken heart in hands,

Tears passing all over body, grim face, volcanic eyes,

Bloody heart is melting and saying my name,

Oh, it is me … it is I am who did this to you,

 Who shattered your heart, broken you,

Unknowingly killed your faith, trust me,

Whipped out your emotions for me,

Rip off your dreams, your desires.



My girl what I did to you,

What I have done to you,

Oh..What I can do now,

 I am blank, astonished, stoned,

The only word which coming from my soul is,

I am sorry my love.




© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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All around you……

Distance between you us spacious,

You can’t feel me and I am also not in front of you,

Shadow of my emotions can be mingle with you,

Even salty tears of your grieve, can’t moist me,

Waves of your smile, can’t touch my stoned heart


You are in impair,

You are in rejoice,

You are in dilemma,

You are under evils,

You are deserted,

You are tired

You are annoyed

I do not know how you are feeling now and then.


But I could remember you are a brave girl, a warrior spirit,

Show no tears,

Show no pain,

Show no emotions,

I know you are a fighter,

You are a survivor,

You are with conviction,

You are with zeal,


My dear I am thousands of miles away from you, not with you in struggle of life,

I could not be stand shoulder by shoulder with you every day ,

But it does not means that I am not with you.


In daily resist of existence when you are worn out and going to be broken down,

 Just close your eyes,


You could feel breeze on your head from my blessing,

You could feel warm around you from my hug

You could feel moist on your eyes from my kisses

You could feel me yourself on my shoulder

I am with you, all around you

Just you could see me by your inner eyes.

My lady just feel me.

I am all around you.


© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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Dark Chocolate

6 chocolate girl

You are bitter like chocolate,

Not sweet, polite, not humble not delight,

You mesmerize by your presence,

Comes into my heart by your bitterly kisses,


Your pleasant whiff confines my brain

And brew to my soul.

You are bitter chocolate, makes addictive of you,

You are not sweet, vibrant, and affirmative like others,


 Not as others expect you to be.

But it’s satisfying for me, who you are, what you and how you are.

I love your bitterness, your darkness.

This makes you outrageous.


And finally compel me to fall in love with my dark chocolate.


© Abhishek Yadav

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My Real Women

My Women
My Women

What I should proclaim you as,

You sweet rebellion,

You pacific heart,

You cozy fire,

You untamed breeze,

You midnight fantasy,

You star pointer,

You pride of pack,

You charm of medication,

You soothing of nomadic,

You goddess of wanderers,




You never perceive but…

You are just you,

Not what I expect from you to be,

Not as people around you think you should be,

Not as family wants you make to be,

Not as your society turning you to me,

My lovely lady….





You are what you want to be,

You are what you think you should be,

You are what you admire from yourself get to be,

You are as like this because,

You are real women.

You are modern women.

And you are My Women.


© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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Oh my lady love…..

Oh my lady love…
Oh my lady love…

                                             Oh  my lady-love…

I love you what you are;

Not for what you are,

I do not love you for colour of your skin;

I love you even your hair colour, blue, pink or green,

I do not love you because small medium or big size;

I never saw you as fancy, trophy or as prize,

I do not love you to fill my free time;

I love you because you are my life’s rhyme,

I do not love you for your beauty;

I love you because keep my girl happy is my duty,

My love, you are feminine, a beautiful strong lady;

Independent, free, expressive and free breeze could care of self.



But I am old-fashioned and traditional man;

For me, chivalry is still alive and in my blood,

Let me serve you my lady.


 © Abhishek Yadav 2015

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