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What are dreams,
Are dreams my subconscious feeling,
Are dreams expressions of unfilled desires,
Are dreams imaginations, of impossible,
Are dreams hallucinations, of my mind,
Are dreams expansion,  of my fantasies.



Accurately, I don’t know what are these dreams
But I love to see them,
I love to feel them,
I love to fulfil them,
I love to visualise them.


It dreams which let me feel to  end of horizon,
It dreams which allows me to do what I can’t thing,
It dreams which persuades me to chase impossible,
It dreams which ignites, my soul and feelings.


Yes, I am a dreamer, I see dreams with open eyes,
I see dreams in day time,
Because of my dreams, I am here,
Where I would reach tomorrow, that would be also my dreams.


 Let me swim, into my dreams,
And chase un-chaseable, see invisible,
Approachable  for unapproachable, conquest invisibly,
  So, now Good night.


© Abhishek Yadav 2017

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Immortal Love


Each day twinkling start takes birth,

Each day few of them pass away,

 Have you seen lament for them by earth,

Have you feel sky weep on death of star,

Moon stops showering icy beams,

Stop tick- tock by the clock.


Who will stay?

How long will stay?

How far can we go?

How close could you be to someone?

These are the questions and so many questions creeping all around in your mind and heart,


You are preoccupied,

These are not under your control,

You can’t change anything by yourself.


 Wrap up your soul,

Dry up your tears,

Wash up your face,

And hold my hands as study as you could,

Just listen to orchestra of our breath,

Follow beats of our heart,

Lets makes symphony by mixing our soul,



Make this flash as infinite,

Make this moment as timeless,

Make this event immortal,


Then who will think about immortality?

Who are questioning about lifelong love?

Who is crying about a long company?

Who is going to lament of short stay?


 Come out from this cry,

Come out from this hallucination,

Come out from shortfall,

Nothing is in our hands,


Do not think what you not have,

What you could lose on the way,

Just trust me,

Come with me,

And, I will guide you to the path  of immortal love.

© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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