Long Distance Relationship

When we don’t talk is this the distance?

When we don’t ask how we are is this the distance?

When we don’t contact our eyes is that is the distance?

When we ignore each other is that is the distance?


Distances are not gap of physical measures,

Distances are not gap in understanding,

Distances are not gap in mutual admiring,

Distances are not gap of judgments,


Distances are when we couldn’t understand each other’s silence

Distances are  when we can’t respect our diversity,

Distances when we overlook learning from our mistakes,

Distances are when we don’t  encourage each other,


Distances are not distanced till it only in mind of each other,

Distances are not distanced till we defend each other,

Distances are not distanced till we struggle for each other,

Distances are not distanced till we  motivate each other,


There is distance between the earth and moon,

Still, they are in relationship with  each other, from very long distance,

Yet, they are in harmony, in love, in affection, in a relationship,

Yes because they  are in a true relationship,

In Long distance relationship.



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What are dreams,
Are dreams my subconscious feeling,
Are dreams expressions of unfilled desires,
Are dreams imaginations, of impossible,
Are dreams hallucinations, of my mind,
Are dreams expansion,  of my fantasies.



Accurately, I don’t know what are these dreams
But I love to see them,
I love to feel them,
I love to fulfil them,
I love to visualise them.


It dreams which let me feel to  end of horizon,
It dreams which allows me to do what I can’t thing,
It dreams which persuades me to chase impossible,
It dreams which ignites, my soul and feelings.


Yes, I am a dreamer, I see dreams with open eyes,
I see dreams in day time,
Because of my dreams, I am here,
Where I would reach tomorrow, that would be also my dreams.


 Let me swim, into my dreams,
And chase un-chaseable, see invisible,
Approachable  for unapproachable, conquest invisibly,
  So, now Good night.


© Abhishek Yadav 2017

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Yes you can do it




Pain, fear, agony, sorrow, frustration, rejection, apprehension,

There are many more emotions, sensation, feeling you carrying,

Deep buried inside of you,


Nicely you piled your volcano of emotions inside of your spirit,

I see you every day, I touch you breath each day,

I hug you ever morning, Kisses you every night,

But you hide it; you are curbing these inside of you,

These emotions which are nurturing in your body are corroding you,

How long you can sustain it..? It is killing you softly.



Just for a smile, burst this volcano of emotions from you,

Let lava of tears flow all over your spirit, Let the warmness of agony evaporate,

Let the lament of clouds explode on you; Let these gloomy matters flow out from you.



After this outburst, there will be hollow,

Hollow in your soul, Relaxation in your emotion

Soothing in your feeling, Calmness in you heartbeat,



Then I will climb on you,

Without illuminating you, without grant of yore permission

Without your consent, slowly crawling all around you,



To colour you spirit in rainbow,

To fill you hollow soul with love, to pull your breath with smile

To play music with your heart beat, to change you from in and out,



I can do it; yes I can do it for you, I am ready to do all these for you,

But, first you need to believe in me, you must have trust me,

You have to faith on me that,

“Yes, `you can do it…”




© Abhishek Yadav-2015

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Takes Time



Indeed, it takes time,

Sun takes time  to blow the sunshine,

Star takes time to glitter,

Moon takes time to dazzle,

Spring takes time to blossom,

River takes time to kiss the sea,

Ice takes time to melt down,

Everything takes time to reach the zenith,

It is the law of nature.


Feelings in your heart will take time to cultivate,

Emotion in your soul will take time to flourish,

Soul of you will take time to grasp me,

Sensations of your body will take time to acknowledge me,

Sentiment in your eyes will take time to emerge,


I know; you will take time to distinguish me,

You will take time to trust me,

You will take time to have faith in me,

It will take time to have confidence in me,


I know mine someone special; it is just matter of time,

It is just the puzzle of time,

It is the hurdle of time,

It is a the fence of time,


After these obstacles, these barriers,

You will be out there,

You will come to  me, do not be worry,

Take your time; take time as much as you can take,


I am here, at another end of the world

Waiting for you,

I will wait for you my love till infinite,

I know, I can wait for you

Because to grow love,

It takes time,

I am waiting for you.



© Abhishek Yadav

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My First Imperfect Blog

A road leads to nowhere ..
A road leads to nowhere ..


Oh my God it is my first blog and I am totally clueless that what I should write, really I can’t tell you how it feels to share, what is in your mind with whom you do not know. I am feeling blue…. Num or may be dumb.

In which style I should present my first blog, should it be in that way which make impression on your mind that I am genius, intellectual .after reading this blog you should thing what a genius man I am. But by the way who is genius here….common even I can’t spell genius correctly.

May be my first blog should be informatics with data, facts, figures and information so rare that Google also could not search like how to eradicate Ebola..? How to hack CIA homepage…? Impact of green house on stratosphere, but really are you here to read such bulky stuff….it would be like family pizza with extra cheese is looks lusty but buddy.. .How you gonna digest it.?

Or maybe is should mention my all travel experiences …unfortunately I did all these travels decades ago. All related information might be obsolete like Nokia 2110.

Or I should go with something funny, easy to go, bubbly and fuzzy style but actually I do not know real meaning of these jargon. Total confusion how to present my first blog, this much nervous I was not even on first date… total confusion.

Dear friend lest forget let’s talk about subject of my blog should I compose a page about technology..? Hay buddy are you geek..? Come one still 60 % of world population do not open their mail box because they do not have internet access so I can’t afford to lose such big chunk of pie.

Or should I right about history…!!! History….History….History .Buddy I have not touched my history book since I left school. Hope so you did same because we are on same page. Politics is hot topic always hot cake for any one, everyone around me discussing about politics , regional politics, national politics , politics of south Asia, situation of middle east , Latin America ,BRICS, America and china so much… are you ready to listen to this better open  TV and see CNN or open page of BBC.

Total confusion, total mess-up, I do not know that how to organize a web page, how to write like a pro, how to create a style statement  ,playing with color pattern , font selection , even I do not have pic ready with me to post.

My dear reading there is total mess-up about my first post like my room.  A place where nothing on its place and if something on its original place than it means it is not may room….. IMPERFECT

Hay buddy listen…. if things, articles around me are imperfect and me to imperfect than how I can dare to thing about my page, my blog, my first post should be perfect. Perfection is a relative and I do not have any thing to relate, why not I should accept me as I am and post my first blog as it is.

I think there is the problem with us that we try to do things perfect, perfect study, perfect job, perfect car, perfect spouse, perfect life everything around us must be perfect, but in blind race of perfection we forget one thing that is perfect is perfect . Perfect is unchangeable, you can’t add something on this, you can modify anything in that, you can’t contribute something from your side because that thing is perfect.

Do you want to buy a car which you can’t modify because it is perfect..? Would you like to hold a mobile which you could not personalized it because it is perfect..? Would you like to live in a house which you could not color as per your choice because that house is perfect..? Would you like to date someone who is not going to influence by your presence because that person is perfect..?Or would you like to be part of that society who does not wants your contribution because that is perfect society..??

Thanks God I am imperfect and my article is imperfect because “IMPERFECTION” have its beauty. I can change it, whenever I want and as many times I can change it, in pursuit of perfection. Because I read that change is only constant thing in universe.

My dear reader I also would like to be imperfect so that you can give me some more ideas, some feedback to keep my journey on in search of perfection. So it is my request with you that please consider this imperfect article as my first blog, but you can make it perfect by you feedback, your suggestion to me. To perfect it for future. You know friend only living thing changes… dead are dead.


Thanks for bearing me till now…..keep smiling.

Excepting the infinite spirit, everything else is changing. There is the whirl of change

-Swami Vivekananda


Happy Reading

Abhishek Yadav