सतरंगी ज़िन्दगी

घनी बदली के बीच, तेज़ चमकीली धुप सी खिल आती तुम,
पर लोगो को निज पास घुमड़ते ; लुक छिप जाती तुम,
देखो देखो , आयी तुम, देखो देखो बिसराई तुम,
कभी काले मेघा , कभी नीले आकाश , सी ,
बदल जाती तुम,
कभी टप टप सी बूंदे बन, मुझ पर ही गिर जाती तुम,
कभी गौरैया सी फुर्र सै नजरो सै ओझल हो जाती तुम,
और कभी सपनो के इंद्रधनुष बनती ,

कभी जीवन के गर्त में ले जाती तुम

तुम कौन हो ?
मैं कौन हूँ?
मेरे होने का कारण क्या है ?
ये सोच बही बतलाती तुम

तुम्हे पता है ज़िन्दगी !
ये सारे तमाशे मुझे ; रोज दिखलाती तुम।

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© Abhishek Yadav -2021


सोचा था ….

सोचा था , कुछ पैसे जोड़ पाएंगे ,
सोचा था , कुछ नया बनाएगे ,
सोचा था कुछ रिस्तेदारो मिलने जायगे
सोचा था , कुछ दोस्तों से गप्पे हाक पाएंगे ,
सोचा था , कुछ नया खायेगे,
सोचा था , कुछ नयी जगह जायगे ,
सोचा था , कुछ नये कपडे सिलवायेगे ,
सोचा था , कुछ अबकी नया सीख पाएंगे ,
सोचा था, कुछ अबकी तरक्की पाएंगे।

अभी सोच ही रहा था , की कलम जम सी गयी ,
ये तो साल २०२१ है;
सोच सोच में कब साल २०२० निकल गया ;
पलक भर एहसास भी नहीं हुआ ,
ये साल बीस, कुछ अजीब रहा ,
सिर्फ सोचते -सोचते में ही ,
हम सब की सोच निकल गयी, की

कितने बेबस , मजलूम रहे हम सब ,
कुछ न कर पाये हम सब, सिवाए सोचने के

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© Abhishek Yadav- 2021


You dear lady …


Whenever in need, you were closer to me,

Presented, even not needed,

In countless forms, infinite relations, uncountable meanings;

You were somewhere around me, imminent to me.



Life couldn’t be nurture without you,

Neither living can go on without you.

When you are with me, I feel complete,

Without you I am hollow, sounds empty.



Proclaiming myself the strong is my obligation,

Allowing me to feel stronger, your gratitude;

I feel rock solid because you show superficial to me.



I am stronger, from you,

I am weak, that too also from you;

I measure; I resemble, I compare all of you,

Independently, solitary, I don’t have existence,

For my own existence, I need your presence.



Words are infinite; emotions are endless, honor towards you endless,

 can’t conclude, just in simple words…

Ladies Without You Men Are Nonexistent



Dedicated to my Mother, My Siter and all women whom i know and don't

© Abhishek Yadav 2018


Long Distance Relationship

When we don’t talk is this the distance?

When we don’t ask how we are is this the distance?

When we don’t contact our eyes is that is the distance?

When we ignore each other is that is the distance?


Distances are not gap of physical measures,

Distances are not gap in understanding,

Distances are not gap in mutual admiring,

Distances are not gap of judgments,


Distances are when we couldn’t understand each other’s silence

Distances are  when we can’t respect our diversity,

Distances when we overlook learning from our mistakes,

Distances are when we don’t  encourage each other,


Distances are not distanced till it only in mind of each other,

Distances are not distanced till we defend each other,

Distances are not distanced till we struggle for each other,

Distances are not distanced till we  motivate each other,


There is distance between the earth and moon,

Still, they are in relationship with  each other, from very long distance,

Yet, they are in harmony, in love, in affection, in a relationship,

Yes because they  are in a true relationship,

In Long distance relationship.



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My Red Rose

 I glimpse bloom in  my red rose, on a gloomy day,
I grasp it when; on the edge of my time,
I am ready to proceed  my journey of faith,
To the unknown, to the uncertain,


I was waiting for ages to accompany   blossom, my rose,
I dreamed, to dip myself, in aroma of my rose
I desired to witness, spreading vibes of my rose,
I romanticise to dedicate myself to my rose,
I wouldn’t be lucky enough to be with  my rose,


Entire of life I was waiting to let its petals open,
I was eager, passionately thinking about this day,
 I realised its blossom when we have to separate,
When we proceed our life as per destiny,


 I am disappointed that, I didn’t get you,
I am happy to see you in full blossom, spreading aroma,
spreading abundant of joy, prosperity and vivid colour,
you are happy, evolving, rising, enriching,


That is all that I dreamed about you,
Stay bless and keep growing, spreading love,
 Might me I can see your abundant blossom,
In next time season, or in next destiny,

© Abhishek Yadav- 2017

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Happy New Year

On the edge of day, time is ticking

When a year going to end and new dawn is about to began,

When I summarise me year round shadow and the sunshine,

What I accumulate what is wipeout

How much is was profit and what was lost?



I will not do any such thing, it just outdated exercise,

On the dawn of new year, I would be a changed human,

Because I would forgive all my mistakes,

I would forgive, everyone who  hurt me

I would forgive, anyone who broken me,

I will forgive, everyone who robbed me,

I will forgive, anyone who shattered me,



These are those people,

Who made me strong,

Who made me robust,

Who made me wise,

Who made me mature,



I am neither happy nor sad,

Neither  expressive nor concealed,

Neither feeling good or bad,

What I am feeling is



I am a divine flame,

Enlighten from within and ready to welcome,

A new day, a new year, a new life.



Happy New Year to you and Never ever give up Hope

© Abhishek Yadav 2016

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Final Goodbye


Beyond the horizon, before of rainbow,

Where are no dimensions,

No time to be measured,

Scene in neither hazy nor pure,

On the intersection of light and gloom,

Place where the sun is not yet red,

The moon is still mild,

No breeze, to smell,

Land is not green, not gray,


Yes on, that land,

On the same site,

I am still waiting for you,

To give last hug, last cuddle

And the last kiss,

Before you say final Goodbye.

© Abhishek Yadav 2016

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I am the Ocean

Ocean sends infinite waves,

To kiss, to hold, to touch, to experience ,

To nurture, to nourish, to moist,

To kiss, to love

 For the shore ,



Very few of them reach shore,

Very little of them remain firm,

Very small of them reach to shoreline,

Very pinch of them able to kiss beach,

And very little of then able to quench the thirst of the embankment.



But still, ocean, my mighty ocean keep sending,

Love, wishes, affection, emotions, spirit and joy to shore,

he never counts how much , she is getting,

How many she is accepting,

How many she is refusing ,

How many she is complementing  ,

How many she is declining

He is mad lover, just keep on sending

Just like me,



You are also like sand,  cold,dry, harsh, difficult hold by emotions,

Hard to brand your heart,

Difficult to embossed  me in your memory line ,

And cultivate love in you .



But I am ocean, a big ocean ,

I will keep on sending you waves,

Then I erode you from your embankment,

And mingle you within me,

Then you would be in me, I would be with you  forever.

Yes I can do it,

Because I am an ocean .


Cape Cod National Seashore

© Abhishek Yadav 2016

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You Can’t Hide

You can hide your soft smile,

when you  perceive me.

You can hide your black eyes,

when I am next to you.

You can hide your flowing hair,

when they  bounce with me.

Even you can hide your bursting breath,

when I hold you back.



You might be good in,

Hiding your emotions,

Camouflage your feelings,

Masking your tenderness,

Cover up your affections,

Burning all your sentiments,

And might be the best to hiding all these,

from my consciousness, my vision.



But my love,

You can’t hide your heart beats,

 when I hold you.

You can’t hide warmness of your soft hands,

when we cross fingers.

You can’t hide your body’s heat,

when I bend over  you.

You can’t hide your swollen lips,

when we conjugate  them.



You can’t hide them all, your words might differ,

Misleads, manipulates, mix up,

But always and always your spirit.

Whispers and clearly  says to me.




©  Abhishek Yadav 2016

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I Am Sorry…….


When I smell pain in sunlight, mist disappeared from air,

Agony on my face by the moon, stars became disappearing,

Water became saline, colour of pain spared on canvas of sky,

Clouds gliding like lava on my head,

Lament of wolf could listen by me,

Rainbow now looking ugly, time became immobile,

No movement all around me.




Clouds anguishing all around me, nothing is appearing good,

I can realize nothing is going well around me,

Why this is so,

Everything is so inexplicable around me, nothing like known to me,

What is going on?

What is this going on around me….!




Now a could listen to a spiky echo in my ears,

Something likes piercing my heart,

I am feeling uneasy,

What is this genesis of all this,

Where is dejected feeling is coming from

I am going behind it.



There is something in shadow of bushes,

There is someone behind this darkness,

It is appealing sculpture is there, no there is someone,

This is someone, who is crying there,

My breaths are running fast, I touched her shoulders to turned,

Oh … it is you, my love..!!






Crying fearlessly, carrying your broken heart in hands,

Tears passing all over body, grim face, volcanic eyes,

Bloody heart is melting and saying my name,

Oh, it is me … it is I am who did this to you,

 Who shattered your heart, broken you,

Unknowingly killed your faith, trust me,

Whipped out your emotions for me,

Rip off your dreams, your desires.



My girl what I did to you,

What I have done to you,

Oh..What I can do now,

 I am blank, astonished, stoned,

The only word which coming from my soul is,

I am sorry my love.




© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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