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I will rise




When I woke up today, I realised,
My shattered dreams was bleeding o the floor,
My broken expectations were taking last breaths,
My unfilled love was clouding in vein,
 My underachievement was shouting me,
My shortcoming was flaunting on window,
My heart was aching, running wild.



I was numbed, shocked, stationary what to do,
Where to cry, for all these disasters,
whom to blame for  these mishappening,
Where to sprinkle my tears,
Whom to pour my grief,
Where to end my pain.



Then, after a heavy exhale,
I smile and spoke to me,
This is genesis of new beginning,
I will not be settled down, I will not rest,
My this  graveyard would be for my tomorrow,
Dear world, I will rise again.



©Abhishek Yadav -2017
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The Hope- Immortal

Night is dark, dismay, Land is frozen, the wind is icy,
In the middle of night, everything is hazy,
Trail is  sludgy, sky is gloomy,
Nothing and no one is awake, except me,


I have to be ready, and alert to march ahead,
I don’t know what is about to come,
What I have to face, what life going to unbox for me,
What destiny would bring for me?


In spite of so much uncertainty, so much haziness,
Along with  dump of perplexity, and complexity,
I am calm and anchored, firmly matching to destiny.


Because I can know you are with me,
neither physically, nor tangible, nor noticeably,
But, I know you will join me, After frozen seasons,


All these are just my thinking, which generates believes,
believes, generates hope, yes I have hope,
The Hope, which is immortal.

  © Abhishek Yadav-2017

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Keep Waling

Who were with me,

Who are with me,

Who would come to me,

I don’t know, I never remember it, I would not ever ponder it.


People came to me and gone back,

People robbed me and enriched me with experiences ,

People cursed me and cherries my aspirations

People depressed me and motivated my dreams,


I never cry, I never yell,

I never disillusioned, I never blame ,

I never depressed, never settled down .


One thing which I did in my entire life,

That was keep walking,

Walking all around my dreams,

Walking over my chaos,

Walking in my sorrow,

Walking and just walking,


I did all these, entire of my life because I know something,

A secret of life,

Nothing is permanent and I am a solo traveler,

So keep walking.


© Abhishek Yadav-2016

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I Am Waiting…

I am not a prince, nor charming,

Not even having a horse, or to offer you a unicorn,

I am a simple man,

I carving that, I could offer you all these luxuries, lavishness,  leisure of this world,

Fulfill all your dreams, all desires and aspirations of yours.



Darling; for me life is not a bed of roses, it is like rollercoaster,

Bitter and sweet, fire and ice, day and dawn,

Nothing is confined, fasten and robust for me,

I am struggling for me, for my continuation; and for my future.



But something is sure that for which I could tell you right now,

I can offer you my words,

I can offer you my cuddle,

I can offer you my rejoice,

I can offer you my soul,

I can offer you, is  me.



Sorrow, ache, misery, nuisance, agony, lament, cry and words like these would be history,

Darkness would be something like mystery,


You have to act something.



I need your trust, I need your faith, I need your commitment, I need hope, I need your dreams,

Then you can see, love

How beautiful we can make this world,

Not only for you, not only for us but for everyone who is surrounded to us,



Please give up all your hesitations, your cocoon,

Your mental barriers, your hurdle,

My heart is filled with emotions, eyes are about to splash,

 Beats are fast, time is rushing


I am here waiting for you, my soul.

© Abhishek Yadav -2015

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I will Rise


Dawn is yet to come and night has not wiped out yet,

Sleep is not in my eyes, but the build is yet to recover.

Dreams are yet to complete, but still I can feel the breeze,

I am in between of awaking and buried deep,

 Entities are ambiguous around me or I am not certain about surrounding of me.


Nothing to think, but still the pain of hallucination on the chest.

I do not know is I am awake of sleep,

All occurrences are going round and round,

I am going round and round and all around.


Between all these uncertainty, cloudy and smoky, hazy, muddy around me,

Even I do not know that is I am on land or in the sky,

Going upward or downward, getting upgrade or downgrade.

Expectations are churning me  or ambitions are skimming me.


But In all these storm and typhoon, there is one anchor,

On which I can trust and believe,

 That is I am.


I know I can come out from all these,

All puzzles around me I will arrange,

Just I need time, to recollect me,

Time to rebuild me, time to fabricate me.

I need just time,  a bit time. A tiny time,


Then I will come out, like sunshine,

Like armor, like glory, like legend ,

I will not only come out for me, but for you too,

Till then just cross your fingers,

Just trust me, just believe me,

I am coming back, I am coming,

I am about to rise.



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आज की रात

आज रात जब चांदनी अपनी रौशनी फैलाएगी,

जब तारो की लड़िया बलखाएगी,

जब हवा बहार बन जाएगी,

जब रात की रौशनी और स्याह हो जाएगी,

जब आकाश की टिम-टिम  अपना  गीत गुनगुनायेगी,

जब महक, अँधेरे की वक़्त पर फैल जाएगी |


जब तुम अपने सिरहाने मखमल की पंखुड़िया लगाओगी,

जब तुम बर्फ सी  ठंडी चादरें बिछाओगी,

जब तुम सपनो की चासनी में आओगी  ,

जब तुम  अपने आप को  वक्त के आगोश में देने, जाओगी |



बस उसी वक्त , अपनी खिड़कियाँ खुली रखना , आज की रात ,

 मैं  आऊंगा , होकर अँधेरे के अश्व पर सवार ,

महसूस करने  वक्त की सुंदरता ,

तुम्हारी  चाँद से सादगी ,

तारो सा ठंडापन ,

महसूस करने वो रेशमी  साँसे,

देखने कंचन आभा ,

सुनने प्राण-वायु का संगीत ,

छु लेने अनुपम आभा |


बस मैं आऊंगा जब तुम सपनो में होगी ,

और मैं वापस चला जाऊंगा ,

जब तुम मेरे सपने में होगी,

पर मैं आऊंगा , आज की रात |




© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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My Dove


My dear Dove.

I love you most in entire world,

I can’t live without you,

You are apple of my eyes,

You are my morning star

You are everything for me.



But in spite of all these emotions,

With all these feeling and sentiments,

I know what I have to do,!!

What should do for the better faction of You?

I am not going to keep you in golden cage

I am not going to be tied up,

I am not going to wipe out your wings

I am not going to kill your dreams

I am not discouraging you not to fly.



I will not do any of these things.

I will allow you to fly,

I will encourage you to break all barriers,

I will show you direction to destiny,

I will feed you with new dreams,

I will drive you to sit on the horizon.



My lovely Dove you know,

Why I am able to do these things for you,

Because I love you, I love you most in this world,

Love does not stop you to fly, not hinders to touch your goals,

Never ever binds you to do anything which you want to achieve.



But It pushes you to fly freely, fearlessly and confidently,

Fly my dove, fly, touch sky as high as you can.

I know you will come back to me, and only to me,

Because it is love which binds you with me,

It loves an invisible connection between us.



I am sure you will return to me

Because you know you also love me,

Enjoy your freedom my Dove.

Enjoy your destiny.

I am with you, waiting for you,

For forever.


© Abhishek Yadav-2015

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ख़्वाब- Dreams

दिल को बहला लेते थे की जब पैसे होगे तब खरीद लेगे खुशिया इस संसार की,
अब तो वक़्त ही कहा मिलता है ख्वाब देख पाने का।

There is no good time to realise you’re dreams.