जीवन मरीचिका

कुछ अनजान रास्तो पर बिन निशान खोजते हुए चलते जाना ।
चलते जाना जबतक पाँव साथ दे ,
देखते रहना चारो ओर,
जिस तरफ भी रौशनी देखलायी पड़े ।



कुछ कोहतूल और कुछ संशय लिए अपने दिल में ,
कंधो पर ढोये हुए , अपनी जिम्मेदारियों के बस्ते को ,
और जेब में रखी कुछ चमकीले ख्वाहिसे ,
बस बढ़ते जाना ,
बस चलते जाना है ।



और जब भी रुक जाना , तब ढह जान खुद पर ,
जब लोट जाना इस ठंडी पथरीली ज़मीन पर ,
तब याद करना , अपने संस्मरणों को,
खगालना अपने कंधे के बस्ते की रौशनी को,
सूंघना अपनी मुड़ी तुड़ी देह को ।



तब जा कर जो हासिल होगा ये सब गलाने,
जलाने के बाद , उठा लेना वो सब,
क्यों की वो ही सारांश है ,
तुम्हारे और मेरे जीवन का ।



ये दोस्त , हमारी तुम्हारी यात्रा ही जीवन है ,
ये मंजिल तो बस मरीचिका है |


© Abhishek Yadav- 2018

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The Hope- Immortal

Night is dark, dismay, Land is frozen, the wind is icy,
In the middle of night, everything is hazy,
Trail is  sludgy, sky is gloomy,
Nothing and no one is awake, except me,


I have to be ready, and alert to march ahead,
I don’t know what is about to come,
What I have to face, what life going to unbox for me,
What destiny would bring for me?


In spite of so much uncertainty, so much haziness,
Along with  dump of perplexity, and complexity,
I am calm and anchored, firmly matching to destiny.


Because I can know you are with me,
neither physically, nor tangible, nor noticeably,
But, I know you will join me, After frozen seasons,


All these are just my thinking, which generates believes,
believes, generates hope, yes I have hope,
The Hope, which is immortal.

  © Abhishek Yadav-2017

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My Red Rose

 I glimpse bloom in  my red rose, on a gloomy day,
I grasp it when; on the edge of my time,
I am ready to proceed  my journey of faith,
To the unknown, to the uncertain,


I was waiting for ages to accompany   blossom, my rose,
I dreamed, to dip myself, in aroma of my rose
I desired to witness, spreading vibes of my rose,
I romanticise to dedicate myself to my rose,
I wouldn’t be lucky enough to be with  my rose,


Entire of life I was waiting to let its petals open,
I was eager, passionately thinking about this day,
 I realised its blossom when we have to separate,
When we proceed our life as per destiny,


 I am disappointed that, I didn’t get you,
I am happy to see you in full blossom, spreading aroma,
spreading abundant of joy, prosperity and vivid colour,
you are happy, evolving, rising, enriching,


That is all that I dreamed about you,
Stay bless and keep growing, spreading love,
 Might me I can see your abundant blossom,
In next time season, or in next destiny,

© Abhishek Yadav- 2017

Image Source – www.google.co.in