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बड़े दिनों सो कुछ मित्रो ने किखा की मैं क्यों आज कल कुछ लिख नहीं रहा हूँ, कहा व्यस्त हूँ ,
बस सब मित्रो को धन्यवाद, और उनसब के लिए लिख रहा हूँ ।

कुछ वक्त की मज़बूरी थी , और कुछ मै बेबस था,
लिखना मेरा शौक ,नहीं, मज़बूरी भी है ,
बस ,कुछ मजबूर था , जिंदगी की आपा धापी में ,
और बदहवासी में, अब वापस आया हूँ
ये जान कर , की मैं कौन हूँ !!

बाकि सब कुशल मंगल है, अब फिर से बातें होगी


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I am back, i am alive

Some many for of my friends and reader were saying that, why I am not active and composing something, this is for those my good wishers.

I was cocooned, but not frozen,

I was busy, yet awaken,

I was involved in business but not broken,

Yes, I am back, not just for you, but this time for me,

for myself, because writing is not my hobby

but the expression of me to myself.

yes I am still alive

Yes, dear, I am back and this time more mature and expression, sorry for occupancy in materialistic and practical life.

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I will rise




When I woke up today, I realised,
My shattered dreams was bleeding o the floor,
My broken expectations were taking last breaths,
My unfilled love was clouding in vein,
 My underachievement was shouting me,
My shortcoming was flaunting on window,
My heart was aching, running wild.



I was numbed, shocked, stationary what to do,
Where to cry, for all these disasters,
whom to blame for  these mishappening,
Where to sprinkle my tears,
Whom to pour my grief,
Where to end my pain.



Then, after a heavy exhale,
I smile and spoke to me,
This is genesis of new beginning,
I will not be settled down, I will not rest,
My this  graveyard would be for my tomorrow,
Dear world, I will rise again.



©Abhishek Yadav -2017
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