These are not my words, but really I find find them inspiring, yes it’s good sometimes to be average than a top notch. 


It’s okay to be average! To do your best and know that it’s good enough. To fail. To try and fall flat on your face. To be imperfect. To be adequate, unspecial, and not the greatest.
In all cases, you are loveable, and miraculous as you are. Your human limitations and imperfections are beautiful and perfect in the eyes of the Universe. Take the pressure off yourself to be the biggest and the best, the most successful and the most loved, and bless yourself for being exactly what you are. 
Realise that this radical self-love has nothing to do with ‘giving up’ or ‘settling for less’; it’s actually the basis of a joyful, liberated and abundant life. 
Be average, 

and dance into the miracle. 
– Jeff Foster

I am waiting for your feedback -

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