I am the Ocean

Ocean sends infinite waves,

To kiss, to hold, to touch, to experience ,

To nurture, to nourish, to moist,

To kiss, to love

 For the shore ,



Very few of them reach shore,

Very little of them remain firm,

Very small of them reach to shoreline,

Very pinch of them able to kiss beach,

And very little of then able to quench the thirst of the embankment.



But still, ocean, my mighty ocean keep sending,

Love, wishes, affection, emotions, spirit and joy to shore,

he never counts how much , she is getting,

How many she is accepting,

How many she is refusing ,

How many she is complementing  ,

How many she is declining

He is mad lover, just keep on sending

Just like me,



You are also like sand,  cold,dry, harsh, difficult hold by emotions,

Hard to brand your heart,

Difficult to embossed  me in your memory line ,

And cultivate love in you .



But I am ocean, a big ocean ,

I will keep on sending you waves,

Then I erode you from your embankment,

And mingle you within me,

Then you would be in me, I would be with you  forever.

Yes I can do it,

Because I am an ocean .


Cape Cod National Seashore

© Abhishek Yadav 2016

Image Source – www.google.co.in

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