Perfect Timing


When atmosphere would be pink

Fill with sparkling diamonds, blue moon over the head,

Breeze would be mild, mist in air,

No one mile from us,

No single noise except your breath,

Nothing balmy except warmness of your own feeling,

Nothing to amuse you from me,

Not a single deliberation in your mind.


You are in best of your costume,

Best of your makeup,

Then I will arrive to bring you to most exotic place on this earth,

Then on our banquet table,

Bending on my knee and asking you to give me permission to exclaim something.


Your breaths would be running as wild stallion,

Emotion might be going to be shattered,

Mind might be full with countless notions,

Waiting timelessly,

To listen to those three rosy worlds,

And mildly I am going to say in your ear.



I know this is your dream,

You love these entire backdrops to express my feeling, in such perfect situation,

On perfect time, on a perfect location, and on a perfect day.

My love there is nothing like perfect,

Nothing is perfect, neither I am not you.

It is just hallucination of perfection,

Rather than waiting for such not tangible, no existing, not practical situation,

I am saying you

I love you, and keep loving you end of my life.




© Abhishek Yadav 2015

Image Source – www.google.co.in

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