Yes you can do it




Pain, fear, agony, sorrow, frustration, rejection, apprehension,

There are many more emotions, sensation, feeling you carrying,

Deep buried inside of you,


Nicely you piled your volcano of emotions inside of your spirit,

I see you every day, I touch you breath each day,

I hug you ever morning, Kisses you every night,

But you hide it; you are curbing these inside of you,

These emotions which are nurturing in your body are corroding you,

How long you can sustain it..? It is killing you softly.



Just for a smile, burst this volcano of emotions from you,

Let lava of tears flow all over your spirit, Let the warmness of agony evaporate,

Let the lament of clouds explode on you; Let these gloomy matters flow out from you.



After this outburst, there will be hollow,

Hollow in your soul, Relaxation in your emotion

Soothing in your feeling, Calmness in you heartbeat,



Then I will climb on you,

Without illuminating you, without grant of yore permission

Without your consent, slowly crawling all around you,



To colour you spirit in rainbow,

To fill you hollow soul with love, to pull your breath with smile

To play music with your heart beat, to change you from in and out,



I can do it; yes I can do it for you, I am ready to do all these for you,

But, first you need to believe in me, you must have trust me,

You have to faith on me that,

“Yes, `you can do it…”




© Abhishek Yadav-2015

Image source www.google.co.in

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