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My Dove


My dear Dove.

I love you most in entire world,

I can’t live without you,

You are apple of my eyes,

You are my morning star

You are everything for me.



But in spite of all these emotions,

With all these feeling and sentiments,

I know what I have to do,!!

What should do for the better faction of You?

I am not going to keep you in golden cage

I am not going to be tied up,

I am not going to wipe out your wings

I am not going to kill your dreams

I am not discouraging you not to fly.



I will not do any of these things.

I will allow you to fly,

I will encourage you to break all barriers,

I will show you direction to destiny,

I will feed you with new dreams,

I will drive you to sit on the horizon.



My lovely Dove you know,

Why I am able to do these things for you,

Because I love you, I love you most in this world,

Love does not stop you to fly, not hinders to touch your goals,

Never ever binds you to do anything which you want to achieve.



But It pushes you to fly freely, fearlessly and confidently,

Fly my dove, fly, touch sky as high as you can.

I know you will come back to me, and only to me,

Because it is love which binds you with me,

It loves an invisible connection between us.



I am sure you will return to me

Because you know you also love me,

Enjoy your freedom my Dove.

Enjoy your destiny.

I am with you, waiting for you,

For forever.


© Abhishek Yadav-2015

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I am a free spirit. I am living human because I not only see this entire world but also react, the response on impulses after my own observation and analysis. I write because, I see and all thing which is around me and I reacts on those small and big impulses, desires, ideas, and motivations. there are many stories, many ideas, many thoughts are in my mind, which I share via my blog My philosophy is to share what is I see, what I feel, what I imagine, what I react with people all around me, somewhere out, freelining somewhere far from me, rather than keeping within me.

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