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Takes Time



Indeed, it takes time,

Sun takes time  to blow the sunshine,

Star takes time to glitter,

Moon takes time to dazzle,

Spring takes time to blossom,

River takes time to kiss the sea,

Ice takes time to melt down,

Everything takes time to reach the zenith,

It is the law of nature.


Feelings in your heart will take time to cultivate,

Emotion in your soul will take time to flourish,

Soul of you will take time to grasp me,

Sensations of your body will take time to acknowledge me,

Sentiment in your eyes will take time to emerge,


I know; you will take time to distinguish me,

You will take time to trust me,

You will take time to have faith in me,

It will take time to have confidence in me,


I know mine someone special; it is just matter of time,

It is just the puzzle of time,

It is the hurdle of time,

It is a the fence of time,


After these obstacles, these barriers,

You will be out there,

You will come to  me, do not be worry,

Take your time; take time as much as you can take,


I am here, at another end of the world

Waiting for you,

I will wait for you my love till infinite,

I know, I can wait for you

Because to grow love,

It takes time,

I am waiting for you.



© Abhishek Yadav

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I am a free spirit. I am living human because I not only see this entire world but also react, the response on impulses after my own observation and analysis. I write because, I see and all thing which is around me and I reacts on those small and big impulses, desires, ideas, and motivations. there are many stories, many ideas, many thoughts are in my mind, which I share via my blog My philosophy is to share what is I see, what I feel, what I imagine, what I react with people all around me, somewhere out, freelining somewhere far from me, rather than keeping within me.

I am waiting for your feedback -

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