Language of Love


I smile when you use jargon of adorable words,

Friend, close friend, companion, partners of life, everlasting relation,

Love, attraction, infatuation, feelings, emotions, platonic, passion , crazy,

I wish I could understand demarcation between these words,

Mumbling, jumbling, confusing, inarticulate and irritating,


I could acknowledge you one thing, which is pouring direct from my heart and soul.

I am an illiterate; I do not understand segregation and differentiation between love words,

I do not understand dimension and different degree of love,

I could not separate intensity and depth of feeling,

I cannot see discrepancy in intention and magnitude of relationships,


These vocabularies of those people, who have rainbow of feelings,

My feeling for you just monochromatic,

When you chat with me, time gets slow,

When you talk with me, I could feel breeze,

When you touches me, I could I feel sound of wind,

Warmness of you breaths feels for me like music to heart,

When you are not around me, still I could feel you,

I love to watch you, every second,

I want to hear you forever,

I want to be with you till infinite,


I do not know how you are going to judge my feelings,

I do not know where my sentiments going to be fit in you grades,

I do not know what category you are going to give my emotions,

I do not know  in which class you are going to put my love,

I do not really care all these things,


For me significant is,

What I can do for my lady,

How better I could take care of you,

And, how could I feel you special.

My love, I know only this language of love,

Hope you could understand my feelings for you.


© Abhishek Yadav 2015

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13 thoughts on “Language of Love

    1. MY dear friend,
      thanks for such wonderful and kind words, you know without support and motivation of people like you it is not possible for me to write.
      i think i should be thankful to you for your efforts and motivation.


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