I Love Myself


On this crowd of universe,

I flew with motion and see all around me,

A lot of pretty faces, nice bodies, good souls,

Pleasant personalities, evil, devil, corrective figures,

Rejected, tempered, kinky, and I amaze to see all these.


I tried to get into skin of all these, tried so many things,

Became so many personalities, in short time,

I was tall, I was dark, I was slim, I was masculine,

I was brownie, I was red-head, I was morphed,

I was changed, I was rejected, I was selected,

I was happy, I was sad, I was in pain,

I was in gain, I was dumb, I was numb,


I constant changing of myself, I was on endless journey,

In infinite loop, and keep revolving, keep in poignant,

My mirror asked me “who are you. What is your identity..!!!

You self-unconscious what image do you want, how I can endeavor you some someone else

What universe verbalizing you knows it, have you ever perceive sound of yourself..???


Since then till now I see myself as I am.

Without any camouflage, without any replica face.

I love my skin shade with scars, breakouts,

I love my blemish face, skull without hair,

Love my bald face, my brief height, my waistline,

Love my thick specs, my dress, my shoes,

I love who I am, as it is I am, actually now,

I love myself.

© Abhishek Yadav 2015

Image Source- www.google.co.in

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