I am Nomadic

I am Nomadic


One day while hiking to my way,

A sunny humid day, roaming alone towards my unknown destiny

Silently and calmly moving towards nowhere,

Not feeling any pain, frozen grin,

Lost to my own world, just scrolling with time

It was my simple, decent life,

But sudden.



I feel a breeze on my shoulders, whispered into me in lusty sound,

I am with you on this deserted trail of life,

“You could not see me, you could not feel me, but I am with you”.

A sound   thousand miles away from me, but feeling somewhere from within me.

I astounded I turned up it was you.



I solicit her how elongated our journey is my lady..?

She said. As long you could walk..  a Nomadic, a Wanderlust

I am with you. How near, how dearer can say.

But  it is sure ..I am with you, 

From that day till now

I am Nomadic……



© Abhishek Yadav 2015

Image source www.google.co.in

5 thoughts on “I am Nomadic

  1. That was a lovely poem. I think we all feel the need to escape sometimes and the thought of endless travel is such a romantic idea. To be able to not be held down by any commitments or responsibilities and freedom to just be ourselves – it’s a wonderful thought that society tends to camouflage. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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