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Dark Chocolate

6 chocolate girl

You are bitter like chocolate,

Not sweet, polite, not humble not delight,

You mesmerize by your presence,

Comes into my heart by your bitterly kisses,


Your pleasant whiff confines my brain

And brew to my soul.

You are bitter chocolate, makes addictive of you,

You are not sweet, vibrant, and affirmative like others,


 Not as others expect you to be.

But it’s satisfying for me, who you are, what you and how you are.

I love your bitterness, your darkness.

This makes you outrageous.


And finally compel me to fall in love with my dark chocolate.


© Abhishek Yadav

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I am a free spirit. I am living human because I not only see this entire world but also react, the response on impulses after my own observation and analysis. I write because, I see and all thing which is around me and I reacts on those small and big impulses, desires, ideas, and motivations. there are many stories, many ideas, many thoughts are in my mind, which I share via my blog My philosophy is to share what is I see, what I feel, what I imagine, what I react with people all around me, somewhere out, freelining somewhere far from me, rather than keeping within me.

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