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Yes………. you can have holiday !!!


Summers are round the corner and like me most of you would be planning to go for holidays.

Right holiday are the real soothing thing for body and brain. Everyone wants to take a break from their daily same working schedule and try to get a break. It is really important to celebrate your life; celebration after your hard work, travelling to another destination is not just enlighten for your heart but for your spirit too.

There is a phrase in Chinese which says By traveling one mile you learn more than reading hundred miles of pages.  And travelling is one of the oldest human trades too. I myself is also a wanderer, a solo traveler. I know how is fascinating to travel all around and I also loving those people who follow this hobby.

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.  ~Lao Tzu

But also I know those some bunch of people who hesitate to travel due to some reasons like

  •    I do not have time to for holidays?
  •    I do not know where to go?
  •  I do not have any idea for that particular destination?
  •    Is it safe to go there?
  •    How I could reach there?
  •    And most common of all…. I do not have budget for holidays

All these questions might be correct but not true, if I could say that all these questions could be solved and you can solve it by yourself. If I tell you that you could see all around the world by lesser than your expected price or by half price than how would you scenes..?

There is not problem in packing your bags the problem is embossed under your mind. You have to understand following prerequisites to come over all holiday related blues.

Desire for Holiday/Travel  – this is a fundamental requirement for any Vocation/Holiday/Trip , if you do not have desire than you even do not go to washroom, desire is must we as human are nomadic by nature and roaming all around us is our  generic hobby, if you do not have thrust for outing than you are a couch potato; seeing new destination, feeling vibe of new surrounding, acclimatization in different type of  weathers these are indispensable need for any holiday and if you have these thing  in your heart than its means that you have crossed 1/3 of your holiday hurdle.maxresdefault

Selection of Destination – this is that question that only you and only you could answer to it. You have to follow you own instinct. you might like hill stations, mountain slop,  might be green plains, wild life, sea-side, sandy beaches, deserts , river , natural beauty or men made beauty anything just follow your heart and choose, know terrain or unknown terrain does not matter, only thing which matters is your willingness to go there.

Homework /Research for holidays– this is that area where you could save your money, real bugs, but to save your money you have to spend your time. We all are living to world of information technology, all information; resources are open and accessible for everyone. Just you have to do some searching on search engine like Google, MSN or Ask, there are few tips by which you could save you money.

  • Finalized your destination at least 60-90 days before arrival, by this you could get better discounts on ticketing, hotel booking and local tour on destination point.
  • Avoid to take help of tour operators as much as you can, because these people are for making some profit not for helping you, see any tour operator’s itinerary and try to customized as per your preference
  • Try to book hotels by yourself rather than via any agent, in every city across the globe you could find economy class rooms to suits room it’s up to you which one you are choosing. try to take help sites like, or just search hotels in your destination and contact them directly by this you could save up to 15%-20% on hotel booking.
  • For ticketing you could search budget class or low-cost carriers of your destination and book tickets by yourself by this you could save again on 20%-30% on ticketing, just remember as many mediators between you and your destinations as big hole in your pocket would be.
  • Try to apply for visa by yourself. For visa you can see all details of visa requirement on site of any county, I never find any county in world who hesitate in giving tourist visa.
  • For itinerary you can again take help of internet, there are so many travelling blogs are out there and most precisely you could refer to sites like wikitravel or tripadvisorkeep-calm-and-go-holiday-11

There are many more tips, websites and person who could give you tips, advice, help and support materials on travel, holiday or holidays. My objective is only to motivate you take a break for you daily life and pack your bags and plan to go out at any corner of this earth to spend some time for yourself, or with your family or with friends.

If I would be able to motivate a single person to pack his/her bags and go out than objective of blog writing would be fruitful.

So dear readers pack your bags and explore this beautiful world.

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~St. Augustine


©Abhishek Yadav

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One thought on “Yes………. you can have holiday !!!

  1. Thanks for the like and follow at Evolution Made Easier. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to do that, plus it helps lead me back to what they’re up to, like this interesting blog of yours.

    I say “yes” to travel and holidays and how they can expand your world, your consciousness, and your understanding of others. Keep up the good work!

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