What About Your New Year Resolution

Resolutions… ;-(

Like any other I also make resolutions and try to fulfill it, by doing all my hard efforts. And end of each year I find out that I was not able to fulfill most of the commitments which I made. So I am thinking that why we all make resolutions which is not possible to fulfill by us.

I keep on pondering on this issue and find out that, most of our commitment which we plan to do are basically are not our real resolution, it is imposed or influenced by others. Like last year I planned to get 6 packs abs ,in which I was miserably fail, the reason was not in lack of commitment ,reason was I foodies .and shape of my tummy never influenced attitude of my friends towards me and slowly I got to realized that my friend and family do not bother about size of my tummy and gradually this assignment lose its charm. But yes I am happy that I made some efforts to bounce back in shape, I realized that this resolution was imposed by well famous celebrities not by me, for celeb looking good is primary necessity, for general people like me doing good is priority.

Like other I also committed to change my job and earn more. But like most of the commitments it was without action plan. How much money is more money it was not fix, and on which grounds I will ask my employer /interviewer to give me more money, it was not determine. So obvious, my resolution was also fail. Entire of year I did not try to attain a new skill set, which I could cultivate into money, I never try to reduce my bills, which could fetch me more money. I never try to a real commitment.

Like this there were so many points in my last year resolution, now today if I see those commitments then I feel; there was no problem with commitments; problem was with me. I never know that what was my real me and try to obtain only those thing which was just glitter not gold.

Tool to design Resolution
Tool to design Resolution

© Abhishek Yadav

 Real success Mantra = Professional Success+ Fulfillment of Social/FamilyResponsibilities+ Intellectual uplift

Making commitment with yourself is not a big task, but fulfilling commitment is a big achievement. Before fixing any commitment we should know that is it real commitment or just fake. If we really need something and if we try to obtain that thing then ist is sure we would achieve that commitment in certain time frame, because if we love something/someone who would be our need, and if we need something that defiantly we will make all possible efforts to achieve that.

So this year I will commit to do which really matters to me , not those thing which people thinks I should commit to get.


Happy New Year



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